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Yoga Sex Fantasy Role Play is Amazing

The writers of "Yoga Bliss," Gabriella Simone and Dylan Manning discuss how they created this erotic sex fantasy role script for couples and how it can work to make a hot and sensuous night for you!

Yoga sex role playGabriella: I simply cannot live without my yoga. It is one of the most erotic non-sexual activities I can think of.

My favorite yoga instructor is a gorgeously lean but muscular man of about six feet, with dark curling hair and a commanding yet calming deep voice. How can you not fantasize about amazing sex when he lifts one hand against your back as he presses his other hand firmly below your breasts to get you into the right position? I was talking to Dylan about this once and found that guys have the same fantasies.

Dylan: OK, similar Gabriella, not the same. Mine is about my beautiful female instructor, just to make that clear.

Gabriella: I see. Got it. But you do find yoga incredibly erotic, right?

Dylan: Absolutely. Which is why we both agreed at that moment that a yoga instructor sex fantasy role play was something we had to work on immediately.

: This was probably one of the most fun sex fantasy role plays I've written. Yoga is filled with sensuous, erotic and downright hot and sexy phrases, positions and scenarios for seduction. In fact, in yoga, kundalini is the root chakra between the hips and the source of sexual energy. Hell yeah!

Dylan: Are you kidding me? Think of all the poses that put you with your ass in the air, bent over, legs spread eagle or pelvic thrust to the sky. It's ripe for a pure sex fantasy.

Gabriella: So we did a quick internet search and were surprised to find that yoga sex fantasy produced tons of results for erotic literature and movies so we knew there was a big interest. We decided that we should make this sex fantasy role play happen!

Yoga sex fantasy role play couple poseDylan: Just imagine acting out a sex fantasy where a gorgeous yoga instructor gave their student a private yoga lesson and both of them were anticipating that it would go much further than just Happy Baby!

Gabriella: Which is also a very sensuously inviting sexual position! What's also fun is that this sex fantasy works perfectly for a Male Instructor and Female Student or a Female Instructor and Male Student. So we wrote two versions - one for each scenario.

Dylan: The script reads very easy as well. Like all our sex fantasy role plays, the dominant (instructor) reads from the script. In this case, the script is on a clipboard just like a yoga instructor would use for their class. They simply read the script as written and it walks them through each and every erotic action.

Gabriella: Here's how it works. A yoga student (your partner) receives an invitation from their yoga instructor (you,) to attend a free private yoga session. Of course, the yoga instructor has much more on their mind than perfecting the student's poses! The instructor has seen them in class before and has long fantasized over seducing the student during a private lesson. 

Dylan: And the fantasy begins. Creating a "yoga studio" in your home, or even better yet, a hotel room, is very easy and we walk you through the process of setting it up.

Gabriella: The script doesn't waste time in getting down to business as the yoga instructor starts off with mild stretching that involves some pose manipulation in ways that make it clear that this seduction will end in only one way.

Dylan: Realizing that we were working on the ultimate seduction, we went past traditional yoga and developed into tantric sex and erotic reading in between the poses. The activities in the script really help build a connection and awareness between a couple while keeping it fun and exciting. It's amazing how sensuous yoga can be!

Gabriella: So Dylan, it's no surprise that I do like to write bondage and discipline into our scripts. While it's always optional and can be deleted from the activities, I encourage couples to play it out to get a new experience. Most customers report back that it was incredible. At first, I thought this would be a challenge with a yoga sex fantasy. Then I realized that yoga uses terms like "binding" and many of stretches are done with straps. And the props! The things you can do with the props are amazing! Hello! This was going to be easy to incorporate into a sex fantasy.

Dylan: You did an amazing job with that Gabriella. The later scenes of "Yoga Bliss" using a yoga strap to restrain the partner while administering more advanced sex techniques was really off the charts exciting. Kudos.

yoga sex fantasy role play coupleGabriella: Thanks - that really was the most fun part of writing the script and I hope that our customers take it to the limit and have a lot of fun. But without giving too much away about the script, lets just say that you will never think about your yoga pose the same way again!

Dylan: So check out "Yoga Bliss" and learn a little more about your Chakras, kundalini and sexual awakening. It will be an enlightening experience of the sensuous kind.


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