Yoga Sex Fantasy Role Play -

Om.....OM.... OMG!

Yoga Instructor Sex Fantasy Role Play!

Who hasn't practiced yoga and let their sex fantasies of the gorgeous yoga instructor awaken the vibrant source of their innermost bliss?

bigstock-Beautiful-nude-girl-on-white-b-7727190We promise that your Third Eye will be fully ignited! This sensuously seductive yoga instructor sex fantasy role play will send you and your partner into an erotic fun filled adventure of poses and stretches designed to keep your Chakras flowing with sexual energy.

You play the sensuous yoga instructor intent on having a session of hot, casual sex with your luscious yoga student. Your partner receives an invitation for a "free" private yoga class from Yoga Bliss.

And tantric bliss is what will ensue during this very flirtatious and provocative session. From the moment your partner rolls out their mat, you roll out your plan for a seduction of sexual abundance.

Your student may go into down dog but your hands will perfect the pose in ways you only wish your yoga instructor would do to you!

Invite your partner to this very special yoga class and turn both of your "OM's" into "OMG!'

"Yoga Bliss" is available in both male dominant and female dominant versions.

Read the Behind the Scenes of "Yoga Bliss" by authors Dylan Manning and Gabriella Simone to learn more of how this seductive role play could work to bring your sex fantasy to life.

For more about what to expect from your Sex Fantasy Role Play read here. What are you waiting for? Make your sex fantasy your reality!

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