Why Use Sex Role Play Scripts

Scripts are what make sex fantasy role playing work. Without scripts, you must improvise.

Unless both you and your partner are extremely talented and experienced, improvisation will not lead to the erotic event that you are hoping to create.

We are astounded by the abundance of websites and books that promote the value of sex fantasy role play. Yet we have not found a single one that offers detailed scripts to help a couple enjoy the amazing sex that can be created through sex fantasy role playing. 

So how exactly how do you have a sex fantasy role play? How do you start? What do you say?

You could pretend your guy is a fireman and exclaim, “I’ve lost my pussy up a pole and need help finding it.” (Read that on a site once. Oh yeah.)

Assuming you get it all together to get that point, what happens? Most couples would fumble through a minute or two of awkward talk then just get down to sex.

That’s hardly a fantasy. That’s just sex. We make it a lot more exciting, a lot more creative and a lot easier with a script.

Imagine if a Hollywood film director wanted to make the biggest film of his life. He had all the makings for a great film in his head. He hired the best actors and studio crew. He assembled everyone together and without giving them scripts, told them to start filming. With no direction and everyone improvising, you can bet this will be no Oscar winner.

Role playing is no different. Myriads of books on sex discuss the need for fantasy role playing. Many offer fantasy scenario ideas (teacher/student, doctor/patient, etc.) But we’ve yet to find one that gives you step by step instructions for setting up the role playing scenario and offers scripts designed to make certain that your Sex Fantasy Role Play is an Oscar winning performance.

We write scripts that ensure that your role play is an absolutely amazing experience of the erotic senses.

We produce scripts that are very easy to follow and incredibly fun and erotic. Each sex fantasy role play script is the result of hundreds of hours of research, writing and testing to make sure your sex fantasy rocks your world.


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