Why Couples Need Sex Fantasy Role Play

Sex fantasy role play is incredibly fun, erotic and sensuously exciting! Foreplay takes a quantum leap with sex role play. Do you need a better reason to overcharge your passion and sexual energy?

Sex role play builds confidence, reduces inhibitions and empowers you to be more romantically and sexually creative. And using a sex fantasy role play script makes it all so easy, exciting and creates a session of mind blowing sex in a way you never could have imagined.

We've all been in that place where sex takes a back seat to life. During those times when the stress of jobs, kids, marital differences or just plain monotony begins to overshadow your sex life, wouldn't it be fun to lose yourself in a fantasy world and let everything else sit on the back burner for just a little while?

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That's what a fantasy is all about - to escape your daily routine and create a different reality. Share that fantasy with your partner! Have a sex role play fantasy that will ignite the passion and energy you once had together.

Having sex in a play world of fantasy is much easier than you would imagine. Pretend to be someone else and you will become a little bit bolder, a lot more erotic and very sensual!

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Think about how people behave at a Halloween or masquerade party - a lot less reserved, a little bit bolder, a lot more erotic and very sensual. There is usually a lot of teasing and playing going on at these parties. Because it is all "pretend," it is socially acceptable to have this over the edge behavior.

Sex fantasy role play allows you and your partner to shed layers of inhibitions and play with confidence in your pretend, make believe sexual arena.

Masked behind your role play characters, it is amazing how easily you and your partner can be a little bolder and step out a little further to try new things, discuss new ideas and engage in new activities that you previously may have avoided.

Have you ever wanted to try something new in bed but just didn't know how to bring it up, either due to embarrassment or fear that it might not be considered acceptable by your partner?

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These topics are carefully written into the role playing scripts and introduced as your character's ideas.

Each role play script is carefully written to introduce numerous activities including erotic reading, "dirty talk," oral sex, mutual self pleasuring, food sex, new positions, discipline, bondage and anal sex. Each activity of the script is optional.

If you know before hand that any activity is unacceptable to you and your partner, simply leave it out.


But if you want to introduce something new and exciting, leave it in the script. If your partner doesn't like where you are going simply move on to the next part.

But if they don't object...you've just uncovered a whole new area of your sexuality that you both will embrace!

What do you have to lose? Is it worth a little time and preparation to create a unique passionate rendezvous unlike anything you have ever experienced?

Just pick a sex fantasy. Then make it happen!

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