Student Detention Sex Fantasy Role Play

Student Detention Sex Fantasy Role Play Meets "Fifty Shades of Grey!"

The more sexually mature professor steals the heart of the unsuspecting coed and delivers a lesson plan that finds them both panting for more.

Student detention sex role play brings discipline to new sex fantasy highs! The teacher demands a little more from his student in this erotically thrilling role play script with ten sexually charged scenes to act out with your partner.

Each scene leads you through the sensuous and erotically written script to deliver foreplay in ways you could never imagine. The sexy yet discipline-challenged coed enters Detention to find her teacher ready to put her attitude in it's place and to show her how to be submissive and follow the rules.

Suddenly she is faced with a dominant, take control man and finds that she likes the lesson he is about to deliver. Student Body Detention is the perfect sequel to Student Body. But this time the Teacher does the seducing and in a very commanding way.


Discipline is an incredible aphrodisiac and "Detention" delivers a carefully written and erotically charged script filled with foreplay, teasing, discipline and a little bondage that will definitely make the grade!

Order Student Detention Sex Role Play Script today and live out a fantasy that will leave you and your partner breathless.


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