Stay-at-Home Sex Ideas
Stay-at-Home has been a thing for residents on all corners of the globe for far too long. Even though restrictions have loosened, couples are finding that a Stay-cation is still a great way to make sex more fun! Here are a few tips to make a fun and exciting Stay-cation in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Doctors tell us that while we need to reduce stress, exercise, and focus on positive things for a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

What better medicine than sex?! It covers all the bases that the doctors ordered.

    1. Sex reduces stress.

    2. Sex burns a lot of calories.

    3. Sex releases endorphins which give you a positive outlook.
Sex has been proven to be a great reliever of stress. And in millions of homes across the world, stress is at an all-time high. 

Why not take it down a notch with some physical affection? Sex releases endorphins, which reduces stress, and raises moods. This is the perfect time to relax, shut down the negative news, and make time to be with each other. 

If you do not have children at home, it's a great time to go all out. Experiment. Try new things. This is the perfect time to explore sex role-playing.

We have some fun and exciting scripts to pass the time away! And we've lowered the price of all role plays across the board by 25%!  So browse on over and find your next adventure!

Imagine staying inside and spending an entire day wrapped up in a fantasy with a script that will keep you engaged for hours. Then pick a series of fantasies for the coming days. You're going to be home for a while. Make the best of it!

But if you have kids, a fully scripted sex role-play isn't likely to happen. That doesn't mean that sex is off the table. Just be a little creative. 

If they are old enough to be alone, set them up with their favorite movie and snacks then sneak off to the bedroom or bathroom and try some impromptu quickie positions. 

For parents of younger tykes, take advantage of the night time or their naps. Sure, you're tired too. But give it a go. It truly will boost your mood and energy.

But it doesn't have to be a quick romp. Have a spontaneous sex role play without the scripted details. Get the kids settled, then whisper into your partner's ear, "If you're a little tired of hanging around doing nothing, why don't you meet me in the bedroom and let's see what we can do to pass the time?" Simple. But engaging.

Want to create your own coronavirus sex role-play? (Not a mix of words that normally would inspire a high libido)! But you can make it happen. Here are a few scenarios that take only seconds to initiate yet give you the thrill of the adventure. Click on the role play links for a back story and ideas.

The Doctor is in the House. Tell your partner that they need to meet you in the bedroom and do a little testing to make sure they are healthy. Once there, take their pulse, check their heart rate with your hand on their chest. "I'm afraid you have a case of cabin fever. Lucky for you I have just the cure." Then ask them to say "Ah" as you move in for the seductive kiss. You can take it from there! House Calls is the scripted version.

House Arrest. Yeah, we get it. You're already locked down! So why not make it a little more fun. Create your own Locked Down role play. Stand behind your partner. Hold both of their wrists lightly behind their back. Then tell them, "You're under arrest for violating social distancing laws. You're going to have to come with me. Please, don't resist arrest." Walk them slowly to the bedroom or bathroom and pat them down for dangerous weapons. Expand your search by slipping your hands under their upper clothes and slowly fondle their breasts/chest including some nipple play. Roam lower, slipping your hands under their pants, and check for hidden contraband as your hands investigate sensitive areas. Do a strip search and now you're off to exhaustive hours of fun.

Home School. School's out till...who the hell knows? So home school is the thing to do. Play the high school teacher (works for either sex). Write a note on a card or paper or just copy and paste and you're ready to go! 

"HOME SCHOOL ORDER. All (enter your city) City schools are closed until further order. Homeschooling is in effect immediately. Mr./Mrs. (enter your last name) will be in charge of your assignments which must be completed as directed."

Hand the note to your partner and begin class (or tell them class starts at a certain time and don't be late!) Student Body or Detention are the fully scripted role plays but you can jump right to the point. Have your partner sit at a chair and you stand in front. Tell them how (handsome, strong, sexy, attractive, beautiful, alluring) they are and you have always imagined the two of you alone together. Tell them how happy you are that you are homeschooling and not distracted by any other students. "You seem a little stressed." Rub their shoulders. Slide your hands over their chest. Move to the front to stand them and embrace. Slowly undress them. Your partner is sure to get a passing grade!

End of the World. What a scenario! What could be hotter than sex with a total stranger as the world is under siege? If you have any doubts that this isn't sexy, just watch the video "If the World Was Ending" by JP Saxe ft. Julia Michaels. You'll be convinced!

Just initiate a conversation with your partner. "I know this sounds crazy, but what if we pretend that we're total strangers trapped in this room and the world is coming to an end. Let's make the best of it. Let's fuck (make love) like there's no tomorrow." That's just going to jump you both into hyper-drive for a fast and furious time. 

Do you have your own scenario you would like to share? Just write it down in the comments below!



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