Make a Sexy New Year's Celebration to Remember!
Make this New Year's Eve something incredibly special.
Make this New Year's Eve something incredibly erotic!

Make this New Year's Eve something so incredibly sensual that it will linger in your memory for years!

Choose one of these exciting sex role plays, perfectly suited for a private New Year's Eve celebration in your own home or hotel room, that will get you rocking into the New Year in ways that will make you forget 2021 ever happened!

This is guaranteed to be the best New Year's Eve you've ever spent!

Two gamblers meet up to settle an old debt with a night of gambling and erotic intrigue that ups the ante for a long night of seduction. You start with a candlelit dinner and drinks in your specially arranged “suite” that you’ve set up with card table, blackjack, poker, roulette and plenty of games that will help raise the stakes as you seduce the High Roller in a steamy game of sexual intrigue! Available in both male and female lead versions. Read more!

student teacher sex role play
Feel like playing a sexy, seductive coed looking for a little New Year's Eve action? "Student Body" is perfect for a couple looking to celebrate the New Year in a very fun, erotic and loving way! Your partner is a Professor who is Head of Disciplinary Action. All he wants is to get home for a quiet New Year's Eve. But his last assignment of the year is to complete an academic disciplinary review of the seductive coed. Welcome to the party! Female lead version only. Read more!

Audition Logo 400

Hollywood is the perfect place to celebrate New Year's Eve! Lights, Camera and Action will ring in the new year with this very special role play of a Hollywood director auditioning an aspiring actor for a new upcoming adult film. A perfect New Year's seduction guaranteed to start your New Year off right! Available in both male and female lead versions. Read more!

Lock Down 400
Working their beat on a lonely New Year's Eve, a corrupt Sergent arrests a two bit criminal during a house robbery. After erotic questioning and a full body search that the criminal will never forget, this couple makes a jail house rock in a bold, exciting and highly erotic way. Bring on the handcuffs for a little playful bondage! No one ever saw a cell block New Year's Eve like this! Available in both male and female lead versions. Read More!

Lock Down 400Let your sex fantasy of a gorgeous yoga instructor awaken the vibrant source of your innermost bliss. We promise that your Third Eye will be fully ignited! This sensuously seductive yoga instructor sex role play will send you and your partner into an erotic fun filled adventure of poses and stretches designed to keep your Chakras flowing with sexual energy. Available in both male and female lead versions.

Invite your partner to this very special yoga class and turn both of your "OM's" into "OMG!' Read More!


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