Sex Role Play Improves Body Image

Sex Role Play Improves Body Image

Many couples suffer from issues with body image. And when it comes to having sex, those issues are magnified, and we struggle to minimize our visibly naked time together by hiding under the covers or turning the lights down low.

But sex role play can actually improve a person's perception of body image and help them feel more comfortable with their partner.

Let's face it. Most men are not model perfect with washboard abs of steel. Most woman are not runway model perfect. We all don't have perfect skin or perfect teeth.

And while in our sexual fantasies we imagine our partner to exhibit a physique of a Grecian God or Goddess, in reality we are what we are. And many people are unhappy with this perception of their body image to the point that it inhibits their ability to be comfortable having sex.

Adonis and AphroditeWait a minute! That's quite a booty Aphrodite's sporting! If she is the icon of beauty, then my extra weight is a blessing!

And while we're at it, the male model of perfection, Adonis, is not packing a massive porn star penis. Guess size does not matter in creating the "perfect man!"

So let go of the slick sales ad version of beauty and buff that we've been brainwashed with and accept your body as a highly desirable sexual creature, regardless of your shape, size, or composure.

So how does sex role play improve acceptance of your body image? By easing into the way we perform sex. Standard sex, even unanticipated heated moments, involve rapidly stripping clothes before you get down business. If you are unhappy with your body image, you dash into your hiding zone before you engage in the moment.

But with sex role play, you start off clothed, many times in playful costumes and remain clothed during a good portion of foreplay. You and your partner reach heightened levels of sexual arousal long before you even loosen a button.

As you follow your sex role play script, which leads you through playful banter, teasing games and erotic story sharing, you slowly shed layers of clothes and at the same time, slowly shed layers of inhibition that seemingly slip away. The script helps you look past yourselves by hiding behind the character in your script. You read, laugh, stumble a bit, and become incredibly sexually excited.

Remaining partially clothed, you continue with your script which takes you into more sexually explicit activities. Engaged in the script, you are so wrapped up in your playful activities, that you literally are playing in full birthday suit without concern.

Luckily, the public perception of body types is improving, giving more acceptance to less than textbook perfect bodies. The decades old objectification of women is finally giving way to acceptance of curvier female figures as being sexy and desirous. Of course, we knew we were all along!

Even male perception of women's weight is healthier today than in past years. A study investigated men's perception of Playboy centerfolds over time. The study indicates that the trend of men's perception of female weight has favored a women's curvier body in the last few decades. While few of us would qualify for Playboy centerfold status it does give comfort that skinny is out, and a softer curve is in!

Sypeck et al. (2006)Sypeck et al. (2006)

Now men are getting a break with the recent discussion of dad bods. It appears women find slightly portly dudes carrying a 6-pack more appealing than the muscle toned guy sporting a 6-pack!

So if you and/or your partner do have body image perception issues, try a little sex role play to break the tension and find how playful you can be.


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