Sex Role Play for Alternate Lifestyles

Sex Role Play for Alternate Lifestyles

Sex fantasy role play works great for alternate sexual lifestyles. LBGTQ+ partners all can enjoy the thrill of sex fantasy role playing. You don't have to be in a one on one hetero relationship to enjoy sex fantasy role playing. Sex fantasy role play scripts work for all alternate lifestyles. We couldn't write alternate versions for every possible sexual combination but we do have ways to make it work for nearly every lifestyle.

Alternate Lifestyle - Multiple Partners

Alternate lifestyle Threesome sex role playSex fantasy role play scripts work exceptionally well for multiple partners. In each fantasy, it is easy to have two submissive partners and a dominant role player. The dominant simply reads the lines and alternates between the two submissive partners.

Some perfect examples are Locked Down, Student Body and Yoga Bliss. Imagine a yoga instructor giving a class to two (or more!) students. The same script can be delivered to the students and alternating or duplicating each sexual activity with each partner. Alternate lifestyle Sex Role Play for threesomeLocked Down has infinite possibilities! What if a police/guard had control over two prisoners? What if the dominant guard had the two prisoners do the actions to each other while watching. Or the other submissive was merely watching the entire role play as a quiet observer. Or a self pleasuring observer? I think you would have one tired guard by the end of the night and two very happy prisoners! Want to twist it up? Play two dominants with a submissive.  What if two police/guards had their way with the incarcerated prisoner? Each dominant role player takes turn delivering the lines and the submissive is all the more happy for the lock down! As you can see, the options are endless as your imagination!

Alternate Lifestyle - LGBT

Alternate lifestyle Lesbian sex role playMost Sex Fantasy Role Play Scripts are easily adaptable to a LGBT lifestyle. The dialogue of each script is mostly suitable for either sex. The activities are easily modified. Each role play involves a progression from introduction dialogue, sensuous question and answer activity, erotic reading, food sexual play, oral sex, advanced sex positions and optional discipline and bondage. For a lesbian fantasy, order the male to female version. For a gay fantasy, order the male to female version. Simply read through and write down minor changes to the gender in the script. If you have any questions or need any help with making your sex fantasy role play work for you, simple write us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you make your fantasy a wonderful success!


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