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sex fantasy role playing?

We asked our customers "If you could tell someone about your sex fantasy role play, what would you say?"

"Fantastic Sex! This is the most amazing experience ever."

"There is nothing else like your product anywhere I have found. Thank you. The world would be a better place if more couples were having more and better sex."

"I absolutely love the script I bought! I have looked at other resources, but none of them comes even close to this level of quality. I really appreciate your products and look forward to trying out other scripts!"

"The ideas and scenarios your team comes up with are so clever. You have sparked our imagination and role play has become a fun part of our relationship."

"Found it to be very exciting! Let's do this again!"

"I think that it all flowed together well. I really like the way you guys walk me through every thing. I will say that we both enjoyed the role playing and are ready to try it some more. Thanks again for a great product!"

"It was a lot more smooth and easy to do than expected."

"When you've been with the same person for a long period of time, it adds excitement to be able to step outside of the box & "become" someone else every once in a while".

"I thought I would be intimidated by reading the role play script but it was so easy and fun to follow and it had us doing things that absolutely surprised us. We never could have had such an incredible experience without the script!"

"This was an especially exciting addition to a pretty big and long-planned hotel night. Pre-reading the script in preparation in itself was highly arousing! Do it! You won't regret it."

"This script is amazing. I've never seen anything like it! The role play was sexually exciting and it definitely pushed us past our limit of what we thought was our sexual norm. The role play led us through the wildest night of sex"

"Remember being a young kid and how much fun it was playing make believe? Pretending to be an astronaut walking on the moon or a cowboy or robber or having a tea party or being a wizard or a knight fighting monsters? Sex fantasy role play is the grown up version of that pretending where your imagination fuels your excitement."

"Easy fun and sexy. Just do it!"

"How fun and liberating it is to explore, especially with a support like MSMF materials."

"It was fun to have a different sexy encounter. Give it a try..."

"A great time. The script was especially helpful for a guy like me with little imagination! We will break it out again! My wife has always liked the teacher/student roles and we have done our own version with great success, but the script made it much easier for me."

"It's a great way to step out of yourself. Have fun with doing or saying things that you wouldn't normally say or do. Be someone else!

"I was extremely satisfied with how truly clever the script is and how many activities it provides, allowing us to draw out the pleasure of our play."

"This is amazing! You need to do it!"

"I just bought the nurse role play script. Excellent! This is going to be wonderful!"

"I always wanted to do role playing but never quite knew how to start. I was concerned how my wife would view it and was a little bit nervous. THIS IS BETTER SEX THAN WE EVER THOUGHT WE COULD HAVE !"

"Your whole product line reminded me that as a woman, my fantasies are important too, and they might not have the same dynamic as my husband's fantasies. I think that is really important and it's wonderful what you are doing in that regard."

"We found your amazingly romantic role playing scripts and they blew us away!"

"It is the most relaxing and fun way to spend a few hours with my husband. All concerns fall to the wayside and we become completely a part of a different reality. We play. It's like pretend for grown ups. It brings back the same naughty feelings I felt when I discovered playing doctor as a child. Much more erotic than regular sex."

"My boyfriend has always hinted at me doing a sex fantasy but I didn't know quite how to pull it off without it coming across corny. I got up my courage and ordered High Rollers. Oh my god! He almost fell over dead! I couldn't believe how much confidence I had in pulling this off! The look in his eyes was as incredible as the sexual tension built during the night. The rest of the night was unbelievable. I can't wait to order our next role play!"

"I never thought we would do some of the things in it but the way it played out it was so fun and simple AND SEXY! Neither of us have tattoos but the suggestion to purchase the Ta-Ta tattoos was off the charts! When my husband slipped off my bra and saw the tattoo I thought he was going to lose it on the spot! I must confess I am a definitely a bad girl now!"

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