Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Create a Fantasy this Valentine's Day!

Make your partner's wildest dreams come true with this perfect sexy Valentine's gift! Give them a sensually erotic sex fantasy role play! Hours of fun, foreplay and sexual activities are carefully written into each seductive script to make your Valentine's Day gift one they will never forget!
Student Body

STUDENT BODY - Student/Teacher Sex Fantasy Role Play 

The perfect Valentine's Gift for him!

You're sure to make an A after making out with your teacher in this wildly playful, sexy and erotic role play!

From the moment you step into his classroom you will be teasing, flirting and making the moves in this classic coed fantasy seduction.

He might be the teacher but you'll be teaching him a few things he never knew!

Want to go a little wilder? Order your female partner to Detention for a Valentine's Day surprise she will never forget!

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House Calls Logo

HOUSE CALLS - Nurse/Patient Sex Fantasy Role Play

Is your man feeling a little down?  Not quite himself?

This heart arresting role play will get his Mojo Rising in no time.

A visit from the Nurse is definitely just what he needs to spring him back into action!

Plenty of foreplay and teasingly erotic games will carry you long into a Valentine's Day of hot passionate sex.


AUDITION! - Director/Actor Sex Fantasy Role Play

Lights!  Camera!  Action!  And action you are guaranteed with this incredibly woven sex fantasy script of a famous Hollywood porn star turned director who is looking for the next great leading actor to star in their new adult film.

You start off with a very teasing and erotic backroom casting couch interview that will leave your leading actor breathless.

But this audition takes a real turn as you and your leading actor read through the seductive script of an airline attendant who meets a handsome businessman during a flight to the French Riviera.  The two make the screen melt when they add action to their script for an unforgettable night of passion.

Great gift for male or female partner.

Lock Down

LOCKED DOWN - Cop/Criminal Sex Fantasy Role Play

Catch your partner in the middle of a home robbery and slap the book at 'em.

But this bodacious and sensually fun role play will have you slapping them good!

From the pat down at arrest to the steamy strip search in detainment, the cop does a shakedown of the criminal leading to hours of passionately hot and erotic sex play.

Great gift for male or female partner.

YOGA BLISS - Yoga Sex Fantasy Role Play

Who hasn't practiced yoga and let their sex fantasies of the gorgeous yoga instructor awaken the vibrant source of your innermost bliss?

We promise that your Third Eye will be fully ignited!

This sensuously seductive yoga instructor sex role play will send you and your partner into an erotic fun-filled adventure of poses and stretches designed to keep your Chakras flowing with sexual energy.

Great gift for male or female partner.

HIGH ROLLERS - Casino Owner/Gambler Sex Fantasy Role Play

There's no losers in this dreamy sex fantasy role play of two gamblers who do a meet up to settle an old gambling debt.  Both will be screaming "Winning!" with this fantastic casino sex fantasy role play.

You start with a candlelit dinner and drinks in your specially arranged "suite" that you've set up with card table, blackjack, poker, roulette and plenty of games that will help raise the stakes as you seduce the High Roller in a steamy game of sexual intrigue! 

Great gift for male or female partner.

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