Nurse Sex Fantasy Role Play

A Nurse Sex Fantasy Role Play! 

This is just what the doctor ordered!

nurse sex fantasy role play
This nurse sex fantasy role play will have your partner feeling better in no time!

You play the role of a professional nurse and once you start feeling him in all the right places you'll both get your heart rate up with this massively popular sex role play script. 

Your partner's MOJO is a "no-go" so he turns to the professional services of MEDSeX, a company specializing in home nursing visitation. 

The MEDSeX philosophy of “Nothing Cures Like Love” takes on new meaning when you embark on this erotic, sensuously thrilling and sexually exhausting sex fantasy role play.

As a trained professional, you do everything humanly possible to find a cure for what ails your partner. You intend to nurse him back to his full virile self!

A medical questionnaire is sure to start your partner's blood flowing to all the right places with the sexually seductive questions that he must answer before he can be treated. Your partner will be pleasantly astounded when you read this seductively erotic questionnaire.

Once the thorough examination begins you both find yourself enjoying the benefits of medical science! You'll explore, probe and test every area of his body to help nurse him to perfect health.

nurse sex fantasy role play
The easy to read and sensuously fun script walks you through every step of the exam leading to carefully planned sexual activities that prolong foreplay into a phenomenal event leading to the most amazing sex you may have ever experienced. If you don't believe us, read what our customers say about it!

Lucky for your partner, the Nurse just happens to specialize in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of sexual issues. Her methods might be controversial but her results are astounding. Want to make your guy feel better than ever? Have the MEDSeX Home Nurse pay him a little visit! But don't show up without an amazingly seductive nurse costume for your role play!

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