How to Make Sex Role Play Scripts Work

secretary - CopyScripts are what bring sex fantasies to life. And our Sex Role Play Scripts have been designed to be fun, erotic, exciting and incredibly easy to use.

We get a lot of comments from customers who thought that using scripts during sex would make it awkward or difficult. Turns out they claim exactly the opposite!

The key to their success is that each sex role play script is meticulously written with hours of testing by real couples to make sure that each moment is easy to follow, sensuously exciting and delivers the incredibly erotic fantasy you desire.

See these hilarious videos about how badly a sex role play can go without the right script!

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Let's see how a script works.

We chose "Student Body," one of our most popular sex role plays scripts, to show how a sex role play script works.

Each sex role play involves one person initiating the fantasy and playing the lead, or dominant role. Their partner is usually completely surprised by the fantasy. In this case, the female is the Student who seduces her unsuspecting Professor and both experience the thrill of their lives.

This is not your average, "Oh gee, professor, I'd do anything for a better grade" fantasy. So cliche!" Instead, "Student Body" plays out like a movie with a theme, events, and activities, all prepared to be delivered in very specific sequences in a way that seems effortless and fun.

Each sex fantasy role play script starts with a message that you give to your partner, either as a handwritten message that you deliver, an email or a text message. The message implies, in a very seductive way, that you have always had a fantasy about having sex with your teacher and hope that he would like to play along.

You simply write the message that is suggested in your script. It lets your partner know that they are in for quite a surprise (without delving into details) and that they should look for more information soon. Imagine receiving an unexpected message that a seductive surprise is planned for you. Nothing gets the hormones racing like the built up anticipation of an erotic rendezvous. And building on that sexual excitement and anticipation is what makes our sex fantasy role plays so thrilling and successful.

StudentNow you deliver the goods. "Student Body" is about a sex-obsessed coed who is paying a little more attention to her Professor than just his lesson plan. The Dean of Students intercepted a letter our lusciously passionate coed wrote to a girlfriend describing her feelings about the Professor...and exactly what she would like to do him.

You send your partner, The Professor, the "Dean of Student Affairs Package" which includes the back story of the student's scandalous letter and instructions from the Dean detailing how he is to deal with the situation. You can imagine your partner's reaction when he reads each letter. The final notice is a Faculty Lounge reservation with a date, time and place you write in. All he needs to do is show up. We guarantee that he will!

There is a script that you give him when you meet. His script is short and for a good reason. You will do most of the talking and what you read from the script will leave him speechless!

So let's talk about the script. How can you read from a script while you are trying to have sex? The answer is erotically simple. You hold it in your hand like a homework assignment and just read away. Trust us. This works incredibly well. Your partner has no idea what is in your script but will be astounded at what you say…or what your character says! After all, it’s a sex fantasy but you are making it a reality for you and your partner!

bigstock-young-lovers-share-secrets-45070090First, the Professor and the Student have a little scripted Literature exam that leads to The Student delivering sexually tantalizing answers that the poor Professor is not expecting.

Then she is given the chance to read her essay about "Why She Wants to Be in College." We can guarantee you her response is not about career development and as she reads, she begins to act out to the Professor some of her deepest desires. He's the lucky recipient of her desires and there is no question where this college probation meeting is heading.

The script stops you in steps before things get too steamy. This is the real success of using a script. Without it, hormones advance foreplay straight to sex and then you've really missed the whole fantasy experience. Creating anticipation, bringing sexual excitement to the edge then slowing things down just a little is what enables the fantasy to ramp up gradually into a mind-blowing sexual encounter that lasts for hours.

From this point, there are several optional scenarios that you can include or exclude based on the sexual preferences of you and your partner. Each scenario has a script that playfully engages you in increasingly more adventurous sexual activities. Have fun with each one. But if one of the options is just more than you are willing to engage in, simply move on to the next. Everything in the script can be easily customized!

This is a great time to introduce new ideas into your sexual repertoire that you may have been hesitant to approach before. Couples find this amazingly simple and fun. Because it is a fantasy and the person bringing up the topic is not "you" but rather your character, the participating partner will be much more receptive to trying a new idea. Discover new experiences!

Each activity can be edited or removed to meet each couple's sexual comfort level. But we do urge you to push your limits and try them!

Recess Time reveals the coed's real talents in playing well with others. The playful strip tease with full instruction on what to do and how to do it to makes the Professor overcome with sexual tension.

strawberry---400The Cafeteria brings food play to new heights as The Student entertains the Professor with incredible edibles...and nibbles on a few things herself!

Show and Tell is every student's favorite time. She doesn't miss a beat sharing some of her favorite sex toys hidden in her backpack. What she tells the Professor will make a believer out of anyone who does not embrace sex toys in the bedroom.

The Library is the perfect place to share watching adult videos together! She brings some of her favorite instructional and erotic videos to share with the Professor. What better time to show the Professor your best oral skill techniques and have him try a few of them on you! This is not your standard National Geographic! Remember, it's all scripted with fun and sassy comments to keep everything moving along. If watching adult videos together is something new to you, this is the perfect time for sharing! Your Role Play Guide gives you information for finding free couple-friendly adult content to use during your role play. You'll love the lesson!

Girl legs in chainDetention is all about disciplinary action and The Student reprimands the Professor for engaging in inappropriate sexual relations with a student.

Not to worry. This is not hardcore bondage or S&M. It is playful, sensuous and exciting that is sure to open your eyes to a new and thrilling sexual arena.

Final Exam is where everything finally comes together. Yes, that was truly an intended pun and you and your partner will be completely exhausted and fully satisfied with your grade!

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So give it a try. We guarantee it will be the Student-Teacher Sex Role Play Script experience of your life.


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