Gambler - Casino Sex Role Play Fantasy

Roll the dice! You're about to get lucky!

There are no losers in this dreamy sex fantasy role play of two gamblers who meet up to settle an old gambling debt. This is a classic sex role play of strip poker and winner takes all, all carefully scripted to make it easy, fun and sexually thrilling!

Invite your partner for an incredible night of romance! Include a candlelit dinner in your private "casino," a few drinks and a night of gambling that will leave you both screaming, "Winning!"

You play the rich casino owner who has just been hustled! There's no limit to the stakes you wager to win your money back! You challenge your partner to a carefully planned night of casino games that will leave you both speechless and exhausted. In the end, you'll both get very lucky.

Your script carefully plans an entire event including erotic blackjack, strip poker and a very seductive dice game that will lead to a sexual encounter unlike any you have experienced before.

Check out the "High Rollers" sex role play script and see just how lucky you can get!



Date 4/21/2020


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