We Have the Answers to the Most Asked Questions About Sex Role Play!


Sex role play provides a fun and exciting way to take your relationship to new levels of excitement and eroticism.

Playing out your sexual fantasies with your partner opens doors to communication and introduces new elements of sexuality to stimulate your sex life and personal relationship.

Through the years of writing sex fantasy role play scripts, we have been asked a lot of questions from our customers.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand how sex fantasy role play can help you become more sexually vibrant, exciting and passionate.

Release your inhibitions and bring back the fun in your sex life!

Why Should I Sex Role Play?

Why are scripts needed to Role Play?

I don't have acting experience! Can I do this?

How does a sex fantasy role play actually work?

How long does a role play last?

What happens if a partner "ends" prematurely?

Does Role Playing involve extensive costumes and settings?

What if my partner laughs?

Does sex role play involve BDSM?

I've heard that you need a "Safe Word" when role playing. Is this true?

What is Included with a Sex Fantasy Role Play?

Why Should I Sex Role Play?

Couple bored with sex life

Don't let lack of creativity turn your bedroom into a bored room.

Even the best of lovers need excitement and anticipation of an erotic encounter to turn good sex into phenomenal sex.

Become playful and sensual and find the energy and passion you once had together! Put the smile back on your face and the zest back into your bed!

Role playing builds confidence, reduces inhibitions and empowers you to be more romantically and sexually creative.

Think about how people behave at a Halloween or masquerade party. They are a lot less reserved, a little bit bolder, a lot more erotic and very sensual. There is usually a lot of teasing and playing going on at these parties. Because it is all "pretend," it is socially acceptable to have this over the edge behavior that would not be considered acceptable in more standard settings.

Couple sex on couch

Sex fantasy role play is like a masquerade party in your bedroom that allows you and your partner to shed layers of inhibitions and play with confidence in your pretend, make-believe sexual arena.

Masked behind your role play characters, it is amazing how easily you and your partner can become little bolder and a lot more erotic as you step out a little further to try new things, discuss new topics and engage in new activities that previously may have been avoided.

In almost all relationships, there are topics on the mind of one partner that they just don't know how to bring up, either due to embarrassment or fear that it might be rejected by their partner. These topics are carefully written into the role play scripts and introduced as your character's ideas. If your partner doesn't like where you are going - just move on to the next section of the script. But if they do...then you've just uncovered a whole new area of your sensuality and have fun with it! Back to Top

Why are scripts needed to Role Play?

Scripts are what makes fantasy role-playing work. Without scripts, you must improvise.

Unless both you and your partner are incredibly talented and experienced, improvisation will not lead to the erotic event that you are hoping to create.

Imagine a Hollywood film director wanting to make the biggest film of his life. He has all the makings for a great film in his head but needs to make it all happen.

He assembles all the actors together and without giving them scripts, tells them to start filming. With no direction and everyone improvising, you can bet this will be no Oscar winner.

Role-playing is no different. You need a script. Myriads of books on sex discuss the need for fantasy role-playing. Many offer fantasy scenario ideas (teacher/student, doctor/patient, etc.) But we've yet to find one that gives you step-by-step instructions for setting up the role-playing scenario and offers scripts designed to make sure that your sex role-play is an Oscar-winning performance.

We are your producer, your director, your scriptwriter, and your acting coach to make sure that your role play is an amazing experience of the erotic senses. Back to Top

I don't have acting experience! Can I do this?

Student sex fantasy role play

Absolutely yes! This isn't about acting. This is about having fun.

Can you read? Good.

Can you speak? Perfect.

You've got this! Seriously.

That's all you need. Plus the intense desire to have an incredibly erotic and sensually passionate sex fantasy role-play.

The idea is to have fun and to generate a lot of foreplay. We mean A LOT of foreplay. The kind that keeps sending you shivers of anticipation. Just follow the script. Your partner will anxiously be waiting to hear what comes next.

Here is the real secret about the success of Make Sex More Fun sex role-play scripts: There is no improvising. You read the script. Your partner follows. The scenes will lead you through activities that will culminate in some of the most amazing sex you've ever had. Simple as that.

And they will definitely like where you are going! Back to top.

How does a sex fantasy role play actually work?

Everything that you need to create an event of massive passion and sex is included in the role play script. You and your partner each receive a Role Play Guide, your Scripts, creative letters, texts and emails to help you set up the scene for your role play.Each role play script is written and designed so that one partner is the lead character. 

The lead is the dominant character - the one who delivers the script and controls the pace and actions of the role play. The partner is the submissive character. They simply follow the directions of the dominant character. Don't confuse this with dominance and submission! That is not what this is about. This is simply about one partner taking the lead.

This is exactly the reason that our sex fantasy role plays work so well. You need a dominant lead character and a submissive character.

If you've ever watched professional dancers, there is always one dominant, who controls all the moves, and the submissive who follows all the moves. Together they make an amazing performance.

Sex fantasy role play is no different. To make an amazing performance, one partner has to control the action. Otherwise, you have two people ad-libbing and tripping over each other trying to say something sexy or cute that just comes out awkward and creepy. Don't believe us? Just see some of these videos of sex role play that went really wrong!

Each sex role play indicates whether it is for a female lead or male lead. Some role plays are specific to a female lead, like a nurse , Nun or sexy female student. Others come with male or female lead options like a yoga instructor, Therapist, Film Director or cop. Look for Female Lead and Male Lead role plays to find which will work for you!

We have created the role play scripts to read just like a movie script. Each role play has between 9 and 13 scenes that tease and tantalize you and your partner and become progressively more sexually explicit with each scene. We've created fun character names that you and your partner assume for each role play.

Make Sex More Fun sex role plays are perfect for a birthday, anniversary, mini-vacation away or just lock yourself up stay-cations at home. 

But role play scripts aren't just for surprises or special events! Many couples order together with the intention of choosing a sex fantasy role play that they would both like. Even though the surprise element is not there, the lead partner still should not let the other partner see their script! Some scripts have surprises built into the partner script that the lead partner shouldn't see ahead of time. That keeps the element of surprise and fun!

We are available at [email protected] to field any questions or help you along the way. You can read more detail about How to Make Sex Role Play Scripts Work. Back to top

How long does a role play last?

Would you believe up to a week? That sounds incredible but it's true! 

Your role play begins the moment you send the invitation to your partner and follows with several days of teasing notes, emails and texts. This is the pre-foreplay part that begins to build incredible sexual tension.

Each role play creates the intensity of anticipation of a "first date." But even for the best of lovers, that intensity eventually fades in an established relationship. But sex fantasy role play, with the right script and activities, can recreate that erotic intensity of a "first date" in ways you would never imagine. 

From the moment your partner receives the Invitation, through the next several days of teasing texts, you both will experience the excitement and anticipation you used to feel on that "first date." By the time you finally meet for the actual role play, your hormones will be at a level that you haven't felt in years.

The actual role play can last several hours. Between reading the erotic dialogue in the script and completing all the sexually erotic activities, most couples will make an entire night of the role play. The ending of each role play leaves a couple free to explore their own sexual desires or to replay any of the activities that they found particularly exciting.

May couples question how this can go on for so long. That's a reasonable question because, under normal circumstances, a couple engages in foreplay, quickly advances to intercourse which leads to the inevitable conclusion. While this is certainly enjoyable, it is not the intended purpose of a sex fantasy role play. We're more concerned with enjoying the journey, not hurrying to get to the destination.

Why go through all the preparation for a sex fantasy role play only to end up making out and having sex like normal? We don't do normal at Make Sex More Fun!

Each script is carefully written to guide a couple through exceptionally prolonged foreplay. The scripts walk you through erotically teasing dialogue and controlled sexual activities that bring couples to that "breaking point," then brings it back down for a cooling off before ramping it all back up again. Even if one partner (normally the guy!) can't stand it any longer, the script keeps it all in control.

Both partners benefit from this hyper-extended foreplay. It goes back to the idea of the "first date." Remember those nights of hours of long passionate sex followed by wake up rounds of more sex? If you are in an established relationship, when is the last time that happened? Sex Fantasy Role Play will make that happen again! Back to top

What happens if a partner "ends" prematurely?

This can happen with hyper-extended foreplay. Most people assume the man is the one who can lose control and come prematurely. But sometimes, the woman can become so overstimulated that it desensitizes feelings and prevents orgasm.

Our scripts are designed to back down the foreplay as those feelings of "no return" begin. But if it does happen, our scripts are designed with a Plan B!

Simply take a break. Cuddle a bit. Take a shower together. Or even nap, then come back to the script or an earlier activity and start again. The options are endless for creating multiple orgasms and a long, erotic night of passion. Back to top

Does Role Playing involve extensive costumes and settings?

Sex role play costumes

The fun with role playing is that it can be as simple or as extravagant as you choose.

A costume can be a simple prop or as elaborate as a purchased or rented costume. Great accessories and costumes are readily available online.

Included in each Sex Fantasy Role Play is a Role Playing Guide, which walks you through different options for costumes, staging your room and setting the mood.

Even the most romantically challenged will find that the Guide walks you through every step to create an absolutely wonderful experience. Back to Top

Does sex role play involve BDSM?

This question comes up a lot, especially since the popularity of "50 Shades of Grey."

BDSM is short for Bondage-Discipline-Sadism-Masochism and is a term relating to advanced erotic activities.

BDSM covers a very wide range of erotic activities from light discipline and restraint to rough bondage with dominance and submission.

Our role play scripts can include very light and playful restraint, sensory enhancement (stimulation with a feather, ice, etc.) and fun spanks. Even these activities are presented as optional and can be deleted if they do not fit your sexual preferences. See more about how Discipline and Bondage works in a sex role play.

You will not find any activities that border on rough sex, painful bondage or aggressive dominance and submission in any of our sex fantasy role plays.

Midnight Confessions, our Nun sex fantasy role play and Locked Down, a fun cop/criminal fantasy and Detention, a thrilling Teacher-Student discipline fantasy, do allow couples to delve a little deeper into dominant/submissive and bondage activities but still keeps it light and fun. Back to Top .

I've heard that you need a "Safe Word" when role playing. Is this true?

The concept of a Safe Word, again, made popular by "50 Shades of Grey," is not necessary for any of our role plays. A Safe Word is a word or phrase that a submissive partner can use during sex play that causes one partner to stop immediately. It is a word chosen by partners that would normally not be used so that it cannot be confused.

For example, a Safe Word might be Grapefruit. If a couple is engaged in any activity that they agree may lead to pain, the submissive needs a way to end it quickly if it gets out of control. Yelling "stop" or "that's enough" doesn't work because, during sex play, the submissive my plead "stop" or "please, don't" as part of the play. For some, it can be exciting to plead with their dominant not to do something even though it is desired. Saying the Safe Word makes it clear that enough is enough.

Our sex role plays are written to be playful, fun and erotic. Pain is not ever included as an activity. If a partner wishes not to proceed any further with a role play, simply saying something is sufficient to end it. We've never heard from a customer saying they did not want to complete the role play! Back to Top

What if my partner laughs?

having fun with sex

So here's the funny part...We guarantee that they will. And so will you!

This is meant to be playful, fun and sensual. It is perfectly ok to laugh or chuckle during some of the lines. It's part of the play and you will definitely find it fun. Just enjoy the moment.

We assure you that the laughs will give way to sensual and erotic sexual activities that will leave you in moans of ecstasy. Back to Top.

What is Included with a Sex Fantasy Role Play?

With each Sex Fantasy Role Play, you receive wording for a formal invitation to give to your partner, inviting them to participate in a very special event.

A series of stories, notes, letters, emails, and texts are included for you to send to your partner over a period of two to five days, depending on the Sex Fantasy Role Play you selected.

Each Sex Fantasy Role Play contains options for sexual explicitness that allows you to tone it down or spice it up to the preference of you and your partner. Our suggestion? Pull out all the stops and you will be surprised by the response!

Sex Fantasy Role Play Scripts are sexy, sassy and fun! A typical role play is based on a make-believe relationship such as nurse-patient, teacher-student, clergy-layperson, etc. A series of letters are included, instructing your partner on their role, how to play it and when to arrive for the fantasy role-playing session.

The script walks you through a series of questions that your character presents to your partner's character that explores all realms of sexuality. What transpires through the role play depends on the successful delivery of your lines and your partner's responses!

No matter how conservative or liberal you are toward sexual matters, you are guaranteed to walk away with new discoveries and a new attitude! Mind Games , Student Body, Detention, and Midnight Confessions are some of our sex role plays that will guarantee to bring new and exciting elements to your sex life! Back to Top

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