Erotic Christmas Story III - Naughty Tease

"Naughty Tease"

by Kylie Knight and Gabriella Simone

"Naughty Tease" is the third and final installment of Erotic Holiday Trilogy and the hottest of the Holiday stories.

Candy Kane, the mischievous Santa's Helper from Trilogy II, "Naughty Elf" pays a visit to Brian, from Trilogy I "Holiday Tease" and finds out exactly how naughty he has been.

"Naughty Tease" is the most sexually explicit of the three stories and will heat up your cold winter night with this edgy, whimsical, sensual and arousingly erotic tale.

 "Just Believe."

This time each year the phrase is tossed about like a rag doll mantra for the Season.

You may think it's just a cliche', a Yuletide platitude that retailers invented to induce holiday shoppers into a frenzied buying coma.

And you could be right.

But what if...ok, just bear with me here a sec...just what if...there is a speck of truth to that old phrase your parents and grandparents repetitively touted to con you into behaving in "Santa"?

What if Ebeneezer Scrooge, The Grinch, that Polar Express kid, and "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus," got it right?

What then?

Well, then I guess that with a little visit from Naughty Elf, even the ever cynical Brian could be converted into a true believer.

A Chicago burb during a bitter cold December.

"Goddamit Brian! Where the hell are you?"

Samantha lamented to the empty room, glancing at the clock, yet again, while staring through the frosted windowpane counting drifting snowflakes to stave off her tiresome solitude.

Periodically, she would catch a glimpse of an oddly curious candy cane-like swirl of red and white flakes that broke the monotony of her stare.

Hmm. That's strange.

The lonely silent night crawled on as she continued impatiently waiting. Her persistent calls to Brian irritatingly went directly to voice mail.

"Goddamit Brian!"

She scanned the living room that she had arranged so invitingly. A glowing, crackling fireplace, the Christmas tree bright with joyful colored lights and the sounds of her special holiday playlist all contributing to her erotic anniversary seduction that was derailed by her sole guest's total no-show.

Two empty monogrammed wine glasses begged for a celebration, along with the bottle of chardonnay that temptingly beckoned her to the party of one.

"What the fuck, Brian!"

She glanced again at the clock then focused on the falling snowflakes that elicited another flurry of red and white candy cane-like whorls. Weary eyes blinked attempting to decipher the elusive chromatic aberration.

Wow. That's just weird.

Remembering the occasion, she stared at the bottle, contemplating starting without him.

Oh, fuck it!

She uncorked the wine and poured a glass, symbolically raising it up to a lonely melancholy toast.

"Happy Anniversary, Brian."

A hearty gulp drained the glass, then she poured another before she plopped onto the couch and soulfully pouted, "goddammit Brian."

Old Man Winter dealt quite a blow to Samantha's anniversary plans.

Some news stations called it a Bomb Cyclone. Others said it was the Polar Vortex.

Brian just called it fucked up.

The biggest December snowstorm in decades left Brian stalled on a treacherously frozen freeway behind hundreds of other exasperated, angry stranded drivers. Perhaps none were more desperate to make it home than Brian.

Earlier that morning, Sam began her sexting drip campaign the moment he left for work. Each message, sexually more explicit than the last, taunted him with every good reason why he should come home early. He eagerly intended to do so.

But that didn't happen.

The boss called a last minute end of the year meeting.


Fidgeting, fiddling, and hearing nothing, Brian's only thought was being with Sam.

Jesus, finally it's over!

Brian frenzy packed his computer bag and hurried off to his car.

Once on the road, he pondered what he dreaded more - the frozen freeway commute...or the call to Sam to tell her he was late.

She never got the call.

Procrastination works wonders to defer anxiety. And Brian was very good at it. But eventually, you have to man up.

Brian took a deep breath and pressed the call button on his steering wheel, nervously commanding, "Call Sam."

"Your phone is not connected," the built-in AI tauntingly responded.


His hand frantically shuffled through papers on the front passenger seat in search of his phone.

Finding none his fist slammed the wheel.

"Son of a bitch! Are you fucking kidding me?"

Sitting on the desk of his empty office, Brian's phone vibrated, exploding with messages from Sam.

I'm so fucked.

At this point, most readers would respond, "oh, yes buddy, yes, you so are."

But he didn't need the painful reminder.

He knew.

Sam's amorous provocation had been driving him crazy all day. Now he ached just thinking of being with her as he finally pulled into his driveway four hours later than promised.

He opened the car door, greeted icily by the biting Arctic storm front.

The reception awaiting inside was colder.

Christmas tree lights off. Fireplace embers dying. Sam asleep in bed.

oh fuck

His hopes crashed as he surveyed his quiet home.

He switched the tree lights on and tossed a wet coat over his briefcase then picked up the scribbled note lying next to the mostly empty wine bottle on the table.

Waited as long as I could.
It's late. I'm tired.
Left the kid's with mom tonight.
I had plans for us.
Happy Anniversary anyway.

Sarcastically succinct. Just "S."

His heart sank. The note slipped from his fingers, drifting to the floor.

"Goddammit, Brian," he berated himself.

"You fucking ass. All you had to do was leave work early as she asked. What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Despondently, he filled a highball glass to the brim with ice, poured himself a double bourbon then sunk into the chair with an exhaustive sigh.

The room was aglow with a myriad of holiday reminders that assaulted his cheerless sense of guilt. Bluish hued silvery moonlight glowed through icy windows illuminating their wedding photo above the fireplace, its burning embers projecting dancing flames against the wall which he stared at until a glass of ice is all that remained of his drink.

He poured another. Heavy whiskey eyelids fluttered, squeezing colored tree lights into flares that faded as he drifted to sleep.

The sudden blast of icy air woke him.

What the...

He struggled to muster his blurred senses.

The windowpane was lifted wide open, snow piling on the frame.

What the hell?

He jumped up, silently examining the room for signs of the intruder. But the window sill snowdrift was fresh and undisturbed.

Another gust blew a flurry of white powder into the room but this blast of snow was quite different.

Brian blinked incredulously at the seemingly animated snowflakes convening into a cloud of orbiting crystals twirling in mid-air.

He watched stunned as whorls of crystalline white intertwined with diaphanous threads of red sparkles that spun into cotton candyish strands before elongating into a mesmerizing vortex of alternating twisting bands of red and white.

"Holy shit!"

The ethereal candy cane hovered before him, holographically rotating ever so slowly, then abruptly burst into millions of particles of light infused with the subtly distinct scents of freshly fallen snow on evergreen boughs, warm cinnamon cookies...and peppermint.

Then she was there.


Standing in a short coat and pointed hat of red velvet trimmed in white fur, she beamed random sparkles of white and red which occasionally streaked into orbiting light around her, quickly dissipating the more Brian squinted in disbelief.

She clutched a small red velvet bag in one hand, remnants of sparkling light emanating from the drawstring top, and a large candy cane in the other.

"You must be Brian."

"Fuck me," a stupefied Brian mumbled under his breath.

"Is that your Christmas wish?" Her ruby lips calmly yet teasingly turned up with a smile.

"What the hell are you?"

"An Elf." No explanation required.

"Who the hell are you?" Barely controlled outrage demanded a more specific answer.

"They call me Naughty Elf but you may call me Candy Kane. That's my elfin name."

He took a deep breath and calmly attempted to extract a sane answer from an obviously insane trespasser.

"What are you doing here? In my house?"

"Santa sent me." She curtsied with a wink.



"Oh, fuck this shit!" He yelled quietly through clenched teeth in confused anger, afraid to awaken Sam.

Brian fell back into his chair frantically grasping for a shred of reality shrouded in a very bizarre delusion.

He blinked again to erase the apparition.


She was still there.

"Santa sent you?" Brian cynically queried.

Santa's little helper was stunningly gorgeous. Beautiful soft snow-white skin, piercing eyes of emerald green and chestnut hair flowing from the red Santa hat, cascading whimsically over her shoulders with strands that rested on top of her lusciously full breasts.

"Who else?" She pragmatically responded with the most adorable shoulder shrug accompanied by undeniable conviction.

The white fur trim of her red velvet coat stopped just short of her tight thighs where the exposed round curve of her bottom creased seductively into the long sensuous legs wrapped in red and white striped stockings ending in black high heeled leather boots snugly fitted around her calves.

Gazing back up her legs to her coat, he eyed the gold gilded zipper that compressed the soft, fleshy sides of her breasts into a curvy contour that rose and fell with every breath.

Her seductive smile punched him in the gut like a triple shot of tequila.

Oh my god, this shit is real!

"FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!" He jumped up, anxiously pacing, forced to deal with his fate as if a triggered grenade was just lobbed into the room.

"No! No! No! This is so not happening! You can't be here! My wife is sleeping in the next room for chrissake!"

Naughty Elf effortlessly waved her candy cane toward the master bedroom, radiating a splash of colored light against the door that silently closed and latched without a sound.

She blinked with a smile.

Brian assessed the absurd situation, eyes frenetically surveying the room, first at the elf, then zooming on the closed door where his wife slept and flashed back to the elf, desperately trying to make sense of the pervasive insanity.

Candy stepped toward him.

He stepped back guardedly.

She moved again, pressing her velveteen concealed breasts against his chest.

Brian froze, seductively lured by the gaze of her emerald eyes, strands of chestnut hair brushing against his cheek, and luscious ruby red lips that stunned him with a kiss of miraculously remarkable passion.

He melted into the spell of her hot, soft lips that were so incredibly sweet.

Peppermint. She tastes like peppermint candy.

The intensity of her kiss seemingly induced him into a coma of suspended animation. He sensed only the taste and heat of her lips. Paralysis numbed his judgment but not his primal urges. Brian glanced again at the closed door then took a deep breath followed by a nervous exhale of trepidation.

Abandoning caution, his hands began to explore the plush, velvety back of Candy's coat before venturing lower to the lovely form of her white trimmed covered bottom which he pulled tightly into him.

Lips of confection parted, inviting Brian to explore. He complied apprehensively as she sucked his tongue into her, holding him hostage. Her tongue twirled around his, bathing him in a sultry moist heat alternating with a startling minty coolness.

His fingers grasped at the bottom fringe of white fur trim, pulling upward to slide his hands onto her rear. Fingers traced the sheer lace patterns of intricate embroidery, not because he was such a connoisseur of intricate embroidery, he merely sought the edges of the exquisite lingerie which were the gateway to his desire. Slipping beneath the elegant fabric, his heart raced as he felt the warmth of bare flesh against his hands.

He cradled infinite curves of the temptingly exposed bottom of this adorably erotic gift from Santa. The sides of his palms nestled into the creases as he cupped her firm ass snugly into his hands.

He was delirious with lust.

Candy breathed a soft, whispery moan into his ear as she ground her hips into him, teasing an erection that began with a peppermint kiss. Enticed by her heated wetness, his fingers edged lower, sliding against her soft, warm folds and twirling between soaked curls which, like her hair, he imagined to be chestnut also.

One hand released its tight hold on a cheek as it journeyed to the front of wet panties where fingers teased the dampened chestnut curls, eventually sliding lower until it was completely and firmly nestled between her legs. Two fingers curled upward, her richly lubricated entrance folding firmly against his penetrating serpentine advance. She lavished him with incredibly luscious kisses delivered with ravenous intensity.

The lightest stroke of his thumb across her clitoris, joined by fingers thrusting deeply inside her and the kiss of his mouth against her sugary lips worked in perfect synchronicity to drive Candy to the brink of orgasm, her chest heaving to steal precious air that seemed so dense and heavy.

She gasped, muscles tensing as breathing ceased momentarily.

At that moment, all sensation was condensed, absorbed into a sensual black hole, pulling and trapping erotic energy that suddenly burst into a fierce climax as Brian held her trembling body tightly against him. Her knees weakened, shaking with orgasmic aftershocks that continued to rock her body, leaving her panting uncontrollably as he helped her down onto the couch.

He'd never witnessed anything so violently erotic.

"Holy Fucking Shit!" Brian collapsed back into the chair.

Candy recovered with surreal swiftness. She sat up at the edge of the couch, crossing her legs with royal poise as she tossed her chestnut locks over her shoulder.

"Candy Cane Kiss," she simply said, allowing him to savor the experience as she calmly brushed the front of her coat back down.


"That was a Candy Cane Kiss. I imagine that was your first.

"Look, Brian. We need to talk." Her seriousness of the matter, after he just launched her into orgasmic orbit, with no consideration of satisfying his carnal cravings enraged him.

Talk? You want to fucking talk? After that? What the hell is there to talk about? My dick is raging rock hard from feeling you orgasm against me and you want to talk?

He stared in disbelief, bordering on jilted anger which she promptly ignored.

"Here's the deal, Brian. Santa's pretty busy so he's assigned me to run the big boy's and girl's Naughty or Nice list. And I take my job very seriously, so please bear with me for a few minutes while I run through this."

"You're fucking kidding me." A statement. Not a question.

"My, you've got quite a potty mouth on you big boy. That's a ding in his book already." Naughty Elf slid back slightly, coquettishly presenting a view of her thighs teasingly disappearing into the white fur trim.

Candy pulled a scroll marked "Naughty or Nice" from her red velvet bag. Holding it up in a manner of great proclamation, she untied the ribbon. The scroll unrolled to the floor.

"Hmm, this is quite long, Brian, so let's get on with it. I'm sure there are some nice deeds in here somewhere." She perused the scroll as he sat in stunned silence with an erection endlessly pounding beneath his jeans.

"Here we go! I see you babysat the kids for an entire weekend last month while Sam went off with the girls for some very well deserved R&R. That was very kind of you indeed." She took out a pen and checked the "Nice" box.

"Oh, look! Another! Oh, that was so sweet when you took Sam to the Hyatt and gave her that very, very seductive massage in bed. Now that's really nice. If I recall, it ended with you getting a little something nice yourself."

Brian cocked a sarcastic smile, annoyed with her irritatingly cloying elf shtick.

Candy mumbled as she read through the list. "Nice, check. Nice, Nice. Nice. All checked.

"Really, Brian? Are you an Eagle Scout or something? Are you kidding me? With that mouth of yours? Well, there must be a naughty side to you somewhere."

She kept scrolling. "Oh wait, I do recall something. Where was it? Ah ha! Here it is!

"Now I remember. You naughty boy! It was right about this time last year. You were at that hotel in San Francisco. You laid in bed alone and took things into your own hands, you know, to give yourself a little happy time." She mischievously bit her lower lip and winked.

She knows? Impossible!

Brian blushed, feeling the surging erection as he recalled that night of long-distance mutual pleasuring with Samantha.

Sam! Shit!

He'd almost forgot. He panicked, peeking over to see that the door was still safely closed.

"You think I wouldn't know about that? Frankly, it was quite cute. And very impressive, the way you handled yourself, stroking it so long into the night. That was so clever how Samantha talked you into that. Hmm. I should give her a 'Nice' mark for that one."

He rustled his hips in the chair to accommodate another straining surge of pressure building under his jeans. Candy reveled in his discomfort mixed with pleasure, leaning over to place her hand firmly on his lap.

"Of course, that wasn't the only time I observed you going Hans Solo."

Her hand massaged him as he slid further back into the chair with a sigh.

"You can see me? Doing that?" he questioned warily.

"I see all you do, Brian. In fact, I see a bit of 'that' all too often, so for 'that,' I'm giving you a double Naughty check." Two marks were made.

Brian failed to be inconspicuous as he rearranged himself.

"But I do so love me a naughty boy, Brian," she cooed, kneeling before him, pushing his knees slightly apart to move into him closer.

Locked on her emerald green gaze, he didn't realize that she had stealthily unbuckled his belt until the drag of leather tugging against fabric gave way as she pulled it from the last loop. The buckle clinked as it hit the floor.

His fixation on her eyes implied permission though she needed none.

His erection throbbed relentlessly under tightening jeans, acutely aware of every minute sensation. She strummed against him with her fingernails scratching the rough denim surface sending Morse code to his brain signaling that he was about to be deliciously fucked. He saw no need for a distress call.

She pulled the tab of his zipper down ever so slowly, the brass teeth vibrating against his hardness with the descending release of each hook along the metal slide until she was at the bottom. Her hand reached inside to grasp him and her other pulled down the front of his briefs. He sighed and closed his eyes as he immersed himself in this new reality that he was beginning to rather enjoy.

He needed no coaxing as he raised his hips in response to her tug on his pants which were tossed to the floor before he knew it. Brian was harder than he could ever recall, or perhaps the thrill of the moment only made it feel that way, as he sat there splendidly and proudly exposed before this naughty elf who relished the moment as if he was an incredibly delicious treat that deserved to be admired before enjoying.

Her hand wrapped around him and squeezed with alternating releases as she massaged her way up to meet the throbbing head. Pressing the tip between her thumb and finger, a glistening, clear, pearly drop emerged. She dipped her fingertip into the drop and scooped it up, bringing it to her mouth to suck in the savory droplet. It was her favorite flavor.

Candy reached into the glass of ice, trapping a cube between her fingers. Brian first flinched to the touch of the glacial gem against the heat of his rigid member then she slid it up from the base to the tip and back down bathing him in a numbing frostiness. As melting rivulets cascaded down his length she raced to kiss them back into her mouth, savoring the taste of refreshingly cool trickles against warm salty skin.

Before the heat inside him restored his warmth, her mouth plunged down onto him, her tongue twirling around the head with incessant fervor. The shock of the ensuing fiery assault preceded by the chilling ice immersion felt like he had been dipped into a cauldron of warm caramel. She devoured him as if he had, trying to capture every last sugary drip leaving him deliciously clean.

"Oh Fuck!" Brian huffed.

Candy stood up to lean into him offering a long delectable kiss as she unbuttoned his shirt. Her kisses ventured down his neck, biting along his chest to linger at alert, firm nipples. She pinched one, rolling it between her thumb and forefinger as she gave a kiss to the other, sucking it into her mouth and biting down, transmitting sparks into the tip of his cock that twitched as he groaned with approval.

Her hand moved to the top of her red velvet coat to the gilded gold zipper that she pulled down to release her perfectly round, soft breasts into his mouth. He relished the fullness of her against his lips. She slipped out of the coat and hovered her body over him allowing him to savor the delectable soft treats, eventually kneeling before him and snuggling his hard shaft between them.

She pressed the sides of her warm, full breasts against his cock, wrapping him completely into her folds. Breathing deeper, he raised his hips to slide between them. With each stroke up, the head of his cock emerged from the top of her breasts where he was sucked into her mouth as her tongue twirled around the head before he descended. When she decided it was his last thrust, she kissed the tip and pulled away.

The feisty naughty elf had more in store but it wasn't what Brian expected. Not what he expected at all.

"Well, Brian," Candy jumped up and stood before him, leaving him sitting in the chair contemplating his unsatisfied, raging erection. "That's what nice big boys get for Christmas. You did an extraordinary number of good deeds this year so I wanted to reward you adequately. Merry Christmas!"

He stared at her in wonder of how such a beautifully perfect creature could exist. Standing in front of him clad only in gartered panties, red and white striped stockings, black boots and red hat, she was unbelievably stunning. His gaze couldn't leave the gorgeously formed breasts that only moments earlier had enveloped his hard cock.

"You're leaving?" What the fuck! You're done? You can't be kidding?

"My dear Brian, as much as I would love to stay here and play all day, we really have to deal with this naughty issue. We've already discussed your foul language. Santa doesn't like that. And your chronic masturbation. Perfectly good waste of manpower and resources. Waste not want not Santa always says. But I didn't finish going through the list."

She picked up the list, scrolling through and searching for a particular naughty item.

"It's here somewhere. Let me see." Her hands spun the scroll rapidly, sending reams of paper piling onto the floor.

"Hmm. No. Nope, that's not it. Oh! Oh! Yes, here it is. I tried to forget about this one but it keeps popping back into my head. It was that time last summer when the kids were gone for the weekend with the Grammie and Gramps. With you and Sam home alone, things seemed to be going so well. The two of you were rolling and lovin' and having a grand ole time. Seems like the entire neighborhood heard you. Remember that?"

Brian nodded with a broad proud smile.

"Uh huh," she frowned with a furrowed brow, glaring at him condescendingly.

They heard you alright because it turned out to be one of the biggest fights of your life."

Brian squirmed uncomfortably, stunned that she knew and pissed that she brought it up, cock blocking a pretty significant erection in progress.

"So in the heat of the moment, when Sam was kneeling on all fours and really just completely loving it, what made you think it was perfectly ok to pull that thing out and push it into her back door? You know she doesn't like that!" She angrily berated.

Brian protested to deaf ears. "She was all into it!"

"She was all into it?" the elf repeated in disbelief, next time even louder. "SHE WAS ALL INTO IT? If she was all into it then why didn't she let you into it?"

"I dunno."

"I dunno," mimicking his stupidly adolescent response. "You dunno? YOU DUNNO? You don't know shit, Brian!

"Things were going so well. What the hell were you thinking?"

"I thought...she was just..," he stammered helplessly.

"Just what?" She snapped back.

"I dunno." He tired of battling. He knew he'd lost.

"You dunno, again? She didn't invite you?"

"Not exactly."

"Not exactly? NOT EXACTLY?" Candy furiously repeated. She's dealt with so many Naughties like this. "You think it's yours to take?"

He stared blankly, mouth agape in an empty response to the incessant interrogation.

"I thought I'd just give it a go," he offered as a horribly lame defense.

Candy composed herself lest she explode in a very non Ladyelf-like manner.

Mocking his words with succinct staccato, "'d...just...give it a go, did you?"

Brian was silent, helplessly still and listless along with his now less than stellar erection he was so proud of moments earlier.

"That's just wrong...and very naughty but not in a good way!

"Naughty as charged! In fact, I've heard about all I need to hear."

She stood up commandingly, placing her boot on top of Brian's naked thigh, pressing down just barely touching between his legs. Without saying a word she slid off her boot and nimbly rolled down one stocking, draping it around his neck. Switching legs, she then dug the heel of her boot slightly harder into his other thigh before she removed her stocking, draping it also around his neck. Roughly and without warning, she tugged the ends of the stockings toward her forcing Brian to stand up. The strength of an elf is mighty when they're riled up.

"What the fuck?" Brian protested.

"There's that mouth again, Brian. We really have to do something about that," she reprimanded, maneuvering behind him to pull off his shirt.

He stood naked, perplexingly aroused and suspiciously waiting.

He felt a stocking slide from his neck and wrap around his eyes as it tightened behind his head into a knot.

He now stood naked and blindfolded, perplexingly aroused, nervously alarmed and suspiciously waiting.

Robbed of sight, he became keenly aware of the invitingly warm peppermint breath drifting across his neck and the light teasing touch of the tips of her nipples against his back.

She stepped back, waiting a moment to inflict dramatic tension. He arched as she pressed her nails into the top of his shoulders and slowly dragged them down his back. Brian stiffened and his chest heaved with a deep inhale of apprehension as she trailed white scratches that ended at the middle of his bare ass. His breath anxiously hastened. Nails rose up his back, along his sides, under his arms, and across his chest as fingers lightly traced circles around his nipples.

Lulled into a more relaxed state, he sighed as his nipples hardened under her comforting nimble teasing touch. His relief shattered abruptly to the firm pinch of each nipple that caused his knees to buckle slightly. She didn't release her grip. Instead, her pinch grew harder as she roughly tugged.

His instinct was to curse and yell but he was too shocked by the response of his cock as it sprung back to action, straining and aching within its own skin like a man in a suit two sizes too small. He captured a breath as Candy massaged his nipples briefly, only to have her pinch them again with more intensity.

Leaving Brian standing there conflicted with sensations, she snatched the remaining stocking from his neck with ninja-esque speed and wrapped it around his wrists which she pulled behind his back leaving Brian helplessly bound and blind.

"Are you fucking crazy?"


"You're fucking serious?"

"Oh, you have no idea."

Brian stood there nakedly with nothing between him and Candy except a rock hard erection, the chronic fear that Sam would come walking through that bedroom door at any moment and the titillating anticipation of the elf's next move. He didn't have to wait long.

"You have been very, very naughty, Brian" were the last words he heard before he felt a stinging smack of a paddle against his ass.

"Fucking A!" He yelled almost hoping Sam would barge in and stop this insanity.

"Oh my, that's another check on the old Naughty list." Then she smacked the other cheek.

"Jesus Christ! That hurt!"

She slammed the paddle fiercely against his bottom with a force that took the wind out of him.


The next one did the trick.

He made no sound except for the constant heaving of his breath. He was acutely aware at that very moment of only two things. His ass stung like a mother fucker and his erection was so stiff that it bobbed in response to his breathing.

He waited in darkness.

Nothing. The eerie silence was unnerving.

Fucking little freak. Now what is she doing?

Brian's stiff, rock hard cock, fully at attention, was too appealing for Candy to ignore. She knelt in front of him and without sound, touch or warning, quickly swallowed him into her deeply, her warm wet tongue sliding against him as her lips slowly worked their way completely down to the base.

Brian closed his eyes tightly under the darkness of the blindfold just to intensify the incredible feeling of being wholly immersed, swaddled in this hot, pepperminty constriction. She sucked upward until only the tip of him was held captive then skillfully swirled her tongue around and around bathing him in her heating warmth that oddly, was made even more incredible by the sting of the back side assault. He was in pure pleasure mode

" god" Brian gasped to the most amazing sexual pleasure he ever experienced while still sorely aware of the worst physical pain he ever experienced

With her hands wrapped around his aching shaft, she rubbed relentlessly till she was certain he would come. His heavy breathing and moans let her know it was about to be showtime. Her hands stopped.

"Not so fast, Brian Buddy." She slipped off the stocking blindfold and untied his hands.

She bent over the arm of the couch with her legs spread widely while she rubbed two fingers against her mound. She slid them up and down, sometimes letting them glide between her very wet labia, other times, spreading her lips with two fingers letting the third finger slide deep inside.

Brian grasped his cock and stepped closer, ready to penetrate the gorgeous elf invitingly presenting herself to him.

He will never forget what happened next.

She reached into her pouch and pulled out the candy cane. Slowly placing it between her legs, she poised the tip momentarily at her entrance, sliding against soaked folds before plunging it in deeply. Brian's cock jumped in his hand as he imagined what it would feel like to be inside her. He stroked as he watched the thick, sugary shaft sliding in an out of her beautiful softness.

"Come taste me, Brian." She pleaded but he needed no further encouragement.

He knelt behind her and willingly complied, his tongue exploring, fervently relishing the deliciousness of the sweetness of the peppermint mixed with the pure lusciousness of her sex. Candy squirmed beneath his tongue. She moaned to the probe of him against her clit as his tongue rubbed and spun around the delectable swollen button. His fingers slid inside and curled downward to rub against her g-spot. Her hips bucked relentlessly as his fingers penetrated deeply while his tongue rubbed against her clit.

As she rocked her hips against him, her thighs tightened and quivered, but she placed her hands firmly on his head to guide him away.

"Come inside me."

Brian looked again at the closed door. Worry weaseled it's way into his conscience as options and consequences flashed before his eyes.

Options trumped consequences and the vision of Candy draped over the couch, waiting with lust and desire, was all he saw at that moment.

He slid the head of his cock along her entrance, sliding sensuously against her wetness, then pushed into her as she let out a muted gasp.

Gliding into her softness, wonderfully hot and wet, was beyond anything he ever felt or could describe. He was enveloped in cooling peppermint heat. With every thrust, he felt a crush of heat followed by a rush of cooling. It was so much beyond incredible that he didn't want it to stop. But what Candy did stopped him in his track. Or thrusts to be more accurate.

Candy reached behind and leaned forward slightly so she could grasp his cock in her hand. She teasingly rubbed the head around her vulva then up and down the drenched opening. She paused just for a second, then slid the head upwards against her ass and very slowly pushed herself back onto him. Her hand wrapped around him, guiding him to enter. His mind reeled to the unexpected sensations of pressure and heat and absolute sheer amazement as he was pushed into her.

Holy fucking fuck!

Candy pressed backward, rocking up and down, then lowering until she pressed firmly against the base of his cock.

His groans of unexpected pleasure filled the room.

He fleetingly glanced toward the door, then froze in shock.

The door was ajar. His heart sweated. His fear greater than any he had ever known.

Shit Fucking Shit!

The door moved slightly. Standing in the shadows, Sam silently watched.

His mind screamed in panic. His eyes flashed to hers, waiting for the rage of contempt and loathing he feared.

Sam! No! Wait! He would have said but his voice was numb from dread.

Sam did not say a word.

Candy continued rocking as Brian stood helplessly staring at his wife whose deep blue eyes met his with unexpected kindness and compassion.

What the hell?

He squinted in confusion, silently pleading for understanding. Sam slid off her robe and stood there splendidly nude in the shadows, her eyes blessing him with approval, endorsed by her actions.

Her hand slid up to caress her breast, circling a very aroused nipple. Her other hand rested between her legs, teasing and taunting herself as she watched her husband pressed against the rear of a gorgeous woman with green eyes and cascading chestnut hair resting along her lovely breasts bouncing seductively as her ass rocked against Brian's cock. The stranger fucking her husband moaned as she pushed back, holding him tightly inside as she clenched against him.

Brian's hips came back to life, slowly thrusting into Candy but his gaze remained transfixed on Samantha.

Brian's mind reeled at the thought of his wife stealthily watching him with another woman. He drove deeply inside Candy, reaching around to rub her clit as Sam smiled lovingly, her own hand stimulating herself as she watched.

The rhythm of penetration and Brian's hand on Candy's clit drove the elf to constrict around him tightly as every muscle in her body ignited. Her screams shattered the silence in the room. He was deeply embedded inside, feeling the hot, soft, yet firm, clenching, undulating, pulsating, gripping, squeezing fuck that is Candy. He transcended breathing hard. He was one with the breath of sex as he surged into her a release that left him spent and exhausted and panting uncontrollably.

Candy pulled him down onto the couch with her and gave him one of her deep, passionate peppermint kisses.

Brian's eyes strained to find Sam. The door quietly closed.

With one last sweet kiss, the naughty elf stood up before him in all her elfin gorgeous splendor and incredulously dissipated into animated snowflakes convening into a cloud of orbiting crystals twirling in mid-air above him.

And then she was gone.

She left as mysteriously as she appeared, a whorl of red and white strands eliciting blue sparkles that streamed through the room and under the ajared window to join the polar vortex that Christmas Eve.


Sam tapped him on the shoulder. "Wake up, baby. It's 4 o'clock. Come to bed."

Startled, he sat up dazed and bleary-eyed. Christmas tree lights shined no more. Dying fireplace embers hissed and snapped, flickering a fading, tired amber glow against the wall.

Any hope that he was just awakening from an incredibly amazing dream was dashed as his hand brushed against the exposed skin of his nakedness. Pessimistic anguish scrunched his face as he slowly peered downward, confirming what he was wishing wasn't true.


Sam placed his jeans and shirt on his lap and walked back to the bedroom without saying another word.

He followed in disoriented confusion.

What the fuck did I do?

Shuffling toward the inevitable, an eternity passed from the couch to his bed as he struggled to sort the pieces together. He looked around the room for any evidence of Candy. Only memories of her arousing scent, her incredible touch, and the torrid heat of wonderfully raw and unexpected sex remained.

A few more steps brought him to the open bedroom door. He paused with a deep, remorseful sigh, heart pounding relentlessly, certain of the fate awaiting him.

Another step. His mind cycloned, recalling the sight of his wife watching from behind the door and the immediate wave of terror that miraculously melted into an amorous tryst between Brian, Samantha, and the Elf.

He stood at the side of the bed and paused, staring contritely into Sam's deep blue eyes, which hours earlier witnessed the vigorous lust filled communion of her husband and the stranger as she subtly teased herself. He was so bewildered and confused.

He dropped his clothes on the floor and fumbled to put on a pair of pajamas.

"Don't, baby. Come to bed. Just as you are."

He complied with skeptical reservation that faded with the feel of the heat of her flesh against him.

What the fuck is going on?

Brian fought for words to say that only jumbled as he spoke.

"Sam," he strained, "I don't know..."

"You're right, Brian. You don't. Don't overthink this. We're OK." Her words were gentle, unlike the wrath he was prepared to accept.

She leaned into him, soft warm breasts pressed into his chest as she gave him a deep seductive kiss. Her tongue twirled around his, bathing him in a sultry moist heat alternating with startling minty coolness.

Brian's eyes widened. Peppermint kiss? The night continued its marathon mind fuck.

Attempting to connect the dots was senseless.

Nothing made sense. Nothing connected.

Except for Sam's kisses which moved lower as Brian finally resigned to not understanding with an appreciative, euphoric groan.

Like a child on Christmas morning, he didn't question the magic. He didn't ask how it happened. Or why.

He simply believed.

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