Erotic Story - Mile High Club

"Mile High Club"

by Gabriella Simone


Lana Michaels loves planes.

She didn’t always. She realized it during her sophomore year in college while on the red eye flying home from her big Miami Spring Break. Exhausted from doing what college girls on Spring Break in Miami do best, she laid back in her seat, lost in that moment between twilight and sleep, as the plane idled down the tarmac toward take off.

Her head lazily tilted against the window, captivated as airport lights streaked past the dark night. The barely illuminated cabin hummed quietly as the rumble of jet engines lulled her into a meditative reflection of her exploits of the past week.

Then she discovered it.

Tiny shivers of pleasure igniting deeply inside her from the growing vibrations generated from the constant drone of high pitched jet engines, combined with the subtle bouncing of her hips against the seat as the huge jet ambled across runway strips.

Emerging from her twilight, she pressed her thighs tightly together and reveled in the unexpected tingling.

Abruptly, the Captain applied full throttle. The screaming jet engines roared as the huge plane raced down the runway, sending massive vibrations rattling across the cabin floor, resonating into the frame of her seat. She clenched to capture the vibrations deep inside her.

The plane shuddered violently as it tilted upward into the sky, the force of take off pressed Lana firmly against her seat where she began to concentrate on the spreading waves of pleasure.

Lana’s entire world at this moment was focused on the familiar warm wet tingle that she absolutely loved so much. She placed a small blue airline blanket over her lap, discreetly covering her busy hand that slid down to find the center of her intense joy.

Her thumb pressed firmly on her clitoris as two fingers easily slid inside, curled upward and began stroking the spot that was the target of all the vibrations.

Her breath quickened as wave after wave awakened her senses. A flush radiated from her chest across her neck as she fought to stifle the betraying moans of the exploding orgasm, just seconds before the massive jet plane leveled off and cruised through streams of white creamy clouds that spattered the moonlit sky.

My god, how I love planes, she thought.

Lana quit college that semester and found pleasure in flying the friendly skies as a flight attendant ever since.


Lana Michaels loves to be pleasured.

And if she is not in the company of someone who can satisfy her desires then she will happily take on the task herself.

She loves the early morning, as the sun rises to greet the new day. The comforter caresses her warm nakedness. She turns as the soft sheets rub against her nipples, awakening them to attention as her hands begin their morning exploration.

Cuddling alone, intertwined with the warm tangled comforter, she emerges from her dreamlike state and trails her fingers down the center line of her stomach. The familiar sparks of excitement ignite up her spine to remind her that it is time to rise and shine.

Revived from her sleep, her hands glide lower to nestle deeply between her legs. Hands press against the fleshy softness. Warm, silky wetness allows her fingers to play in her sensuous playground.

Then that brief moment of penetration.

That slight gasp of breath.

The hastened breathing.

The fury of friction.

And then the final deep breath that pushes her over the edge as every muscle tightens and all nerves explode into her morning orgasm.

And that, is how Lana Michaels loves to start her day.


But not this morning. She finds little time for that as she runs late as usual. Her taxi raced into Kennedy International, barely making the scheduled Air France flight for Côte d'Azur.

She’s really been looking forward to this trip, having planned all month for a much needed vacation layover basking on the nude beaches of the French Rivera.

Work has been hectic and she hasn’t had as much pleasure time as she would like. And after missing her morning alone time, being pleasured is just about all she can think about right now.

As the 777 crosses the Atlantic, she begins the routine on-board flight service. Not one to like routines, Lana lets her mind drift to the south of France as she pushes the service cart along the aisle.

Nothing, she thinks, could be better than lying naked under the sweltering Mediterranean sun, propped up against her sun lounger, staring at the multitudes of gorgeous nude men, nicely hung and splendidly swaying, as they parade before her along the strip of sandy white beach of Pampelonne.

She desperately wanted to hide and let her fingers disappear inside the juicy wetness to satisfy her fiercely burning desire. Instead she pressed her pubic mound against the handle of the service cart, now nicely vibrating from the roar of the high pitched jet engines.

As the intense sensation radiated deep within her, she politely passed a mini bottle of vodka and a glass of ice to the apparently pre-occupied lovely, blushing, blonde in seat 28B who accepted it with one hand, while her other remained discreetly busy under the small blue airline blanket covering her lap. 

Lana's knowing smile encouraged the blonde who simply mouthed, "Thank you." 

Moving along the aisle, thoughts of the lovely, blushing, busy blonde in 28B, stifling a moan as a flush moved across her chest, fueled Lana’s daydream of her own naked sun kissed body lying on the warm Mediterranean beach.


Basking in the heat, she loves the feel of the tiny beads of sweat that form on her brow, drip down her cheek, drift along her soft neck and disappear into the fold between her breasts where they collect into small rivulets that trickle down the line of her stomach, toward her thighs, forging through her mound of now slightly dampened curling hair and collect again.

The stream of sweat now seems almost cooling, tickling slightly as it begins its final descent through the warm sweet folds between her legs, merging with the wetness forming deep within her. This new nectar, a salty, cooling bead of sweat blended with her creamy sweet, heated moistness forms a glistening sheen under the hot sun.

She loves knowing that the amorous eyes of every man on the beach are now staring at that small bead of sweat dripping from her breast, desperately wanting to capture it with their tongue and follow it down to her warm silky folds where its journey ends.


Lana Michaels loves to tease French men because they themselves know how to tease so well.

Possessing brazen confidence, their eyes flirt incessantly, gazing intently at her breasts with the dripping beads of sweat, down to the glistening warm silky folds, then stare directly into her eyes.

They play the game.

Long before their agile tongues and adroit, full lips savor that delicious nectar, their eyes teasingly savor her.

They look deep into your eyes…not in a hurry to rush anything and they enjoy everything. American boys never look into your eyes and are always in a hurry.

Naked on the sand, Lana loves to tease, bringing her knees up slightly, legs spread, with her luscious, soft pinkness glistening under the rays of the sun, beckoning to the staring parade of nicely hung men.

She doesn’t have to see their eyes to know they are staring. Their desire is evident by the firmness of their cocks as they slowly walk past her.

Not the rigid hardness of the over eager American boys back home, but a heavy fullness that only comes with complete confidence and control.

Lana Michaels loves the way a Frenchman controls his cock as it responds to the call of her glistening wet pussy.

Swollen but not yet at attention, they sway full and thick, a drop of pearly white dew forming at the tip in lusty response to the sheen of her glistening lips pouting from between her slightly open thighs.

As each man walks by, his cock noticeably thickens as he catches a revealing glimpse of her lovely soft valley, then smiles as he flashes a confident flirting glance directly into her eyes. She smiles, returning the stare directly at their gorgeously swinging member.


But it wasn’t French eyes that captured her attention as she passed the drink to the man staring intently from the window seat. It was the eyes of Derek Drake. American Derek, handsome, with beautiful eyes and an obviously thick cock swelling nicely as he intently watched Lana work her way down the aisle, pausing, inexplicably pressing herself against the handle of the cart for a moment before moving on.

He noticed a small bead of glistening sweat form on her brow, run past her cheek, drift down her soft neck and disappear into the fold between her breasts.

His eyes savored every drop and he desperately wanted to capture it with his tongue and follow it down to its journey’s end.

And in the style of the Frenchmen, Derek flashed a confident flirting glance directly into her eyes.

Lana loves lustful thoughts and was readily receptive to Derek’s lusty glance. She returned a smile as she handed him the drink without saying a word, then turned her eyes downward.

Not only gorgeous, Derek thought, but coyly shy. But Lana’s coy look downward was simply her way to catch a quick glimpse of Derek’s lap.

His kakis revealed the evidence that his was nicely swollen and thick, just like the French men parading on the Riviera.

She felt a warm tingle between her thighs as the little beads of sweat made their way downward. One sweet little bead after another formed the tiny rivulets that eventually merged with the creamy moistness rising inside her. If she was on the Riviera at this moment it would be absolutely glistening.

Lana continued down the aisle passing out drinks, the warm wetness between her thighs allowed her soft inner lips to easily glide against each other with every step, slippery friction creating waves of heat and desire that just had to be satisfied.

Lana decided this handsome American boy, now sporting a kaki tent, was exactly the pleasure she was seeking.

As the 777 began its descent, Derek discreetly tugged at his kakis for a much needed rearrangement then looked out the window toward the clear azure Mediterranean Sea and the white strips of sand where his eye caught the occasional flash of something on the beach glistening.

But as the plane landed in Nice-Côte d'Azur, the anxious crowd inside the cabin rushed to the exit as the crew hurriedly attended to their duties.

Derek attempted to capture Lana’s eye again, but the hustle of passengers grabbing baggage from overhead bins pushed him further toward the plane’s ramp.

Lana intently searched for Derek in the lemming trail of passengers but by the time the last one left, Derek Drake was already standing at baggage claim, searching the sea of luggage on the conveyor for his grey Samsonite and thinking of the disappearing bead of sweat falling between the breasts of the lovely flight attendant.

Audition sex role play

"Mile High Club," an airline attendant's erotic journey to the south of France to vacation on the white, sandy beaches of St. Tropez, is the backstory for the sex role play, "Audition."

You and your partner play the actor and the director during a casting call for the role of the leading roles of Lana Michaels and Derek Drake.

If you like the story, you'll love the role play!

"Mile High Club Part 2" to be published soon!


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