Erotic Christmas Story II - Naughty Elf

"Naughty Elf"

by Kylie Knight

The holiday story of Naughty Elf is a playfully erotic and sensuously fun read!

You'll be surprised by it's hot and steamy ending!

This season, make sure the Naughty Elf makes a visit to your man.

Get your "Oh! Santa Baby" sex fantasy role play script and frost up your windowpanes while you make all of your wildest dreams come true.

The South Pole - Christmas Eve

Naughty Elf. That’s what all the elves call her around Santa’s Village.

They've long forgotten her Elfin name of Candy Kane.

As they scurry about chopping trees, sawing wood, making toys, and doing other elf-like things, they laugh and call her names.

"Elf of the Naughties." "Bad Elf." "Santa’s Ho Ho Ho." They snicker at the mere thought of what she actually does every Christmas Eve. But secretly, they are incredibly envious of her. Because what she does is so much more fun than what they do.

On Christmas Eve, after Santa has made his list and checked it twice, the elves bridle the reindeer and help Santa load up his sleigh to visit all of those on the "Nice" list. Santa kisses Mrs. Claus on the cheek with a rascally pat to her rear, then bids, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

He jumps into his sleigh and holds onto the reins. "On Dancer, on Prancer," Santa whistles and shouts and calls them by name, "on Donner, on Blitzen..." the sleigh bells ring out, "Now dash away, dash away, dash away all," as the reindeer magically ascend into the cold, starry, Christmas night.

With Jolly Ole St. Nick on his merry way, every elf retreats to the workshop to put away the last remnants of ribbon and wrapping.

Except for Naughty Elf. Candy Kane doesn't join the rest. She has other work to do.

As everyone knows, elves are jealous little sprites, harboring bitter resentment toward those who do not carry their share of the work. And indeed, Candy did not. Lively and spirited, she dances to the beat of her own toy drum. But the other elves grew weary of her wayward ways.

Santa spent many a sleepless night pondering how to handle this frisky little elf. When the others toiled in his workshop tirelessly from dawn til dusk, Candy was nowhere to be found. Santa's sassy helper was off gallivanting across the Pole making friends and mischief wherever she went.

But she was Santa's favorite so he tolerated her capricious shenanigans. He found her to be rebellious but lovable, playful and lighthearted, and always flirtatiously fun. She could get that jolly old man chuckling til his belly shook like a bowlful of jelly.

Candy brought merriment wherever she went. And what is Christmas if there is no merriment? But he had to do something to keep her far from the madding crowd of bickering, fractious elves.

"What to do with an elf like Candy?" Santa pondered for months on end.

Then one foggy night it came to him. "Brilliant!" Santa shouted out with glee.

"Candy," he summoned her to sit on his lap. "I have a job for you that I think you will love.

"My Naughty or Nice list has just grown too large to manage. I can't possibly keep tabs on everyone. I'll tell you what. I've got the kiddie list handled. Why don't you take charge of the big boys and girls?

"All you have to do is check each one twice to see if they've been naughty or nice and report back to me."

"But Santa," Candy asked with consummate concern, "How can I check on so many in so little time?"

Then Santa carefully pulled out a little red velvet pouch and placed it in her hands. She untied the pouch. Her crimson lips curled up into a broad smile as red and white sparkles illuminated from the magical velvet bag.

"With this my dear elf. Simply sprinkle a bit of the magical dust, ever so lightly about, and the polar vortex will carry you to all corners of the earth.

"And there's something else in there for you. Take a peek."

Now the pouch was quite small, but when Candy reached in she pulled out a tiny candy cane that magically grew in her hand to a size bigger than she had ever seen. "It's so big! Whatever on earth do I do with this, Santa?"

With a sparkle in his eyes and a smile that made his dimples so merry, he patted her knee, "You'll know when the time comes, my dear Candy. You'll know. But until then, tuck it back inside the sack where it will rest quietly until needed."

So instead of joining the others, stuffing hoards of toys onto Santa's sleigh every Christmas Eve, she sneaks out of the workshop backdoor, sprinkles a bit from her little red velvet pouch, and a swirling cloud of red and white ice crystals carry her away where she drifts with the polar vortex to places near and far.

With another year's work done, every elf but Candy huddled around the crackling fireplace while Mrs. Claus ladled cups of hot cocoa and served up plates of warm gingerbread as they jealously gossiped into the night about Naughty Elf.

Priscilla Periwinkle scandalously reported, “I saw her with my own two eyes, I tell you! I'll never forget what she did last November on that full moonlit night. I knew right away it was her. You can't miss that nymph in a crowd of elves, no siree! She's so different than the rest. Well, she's taller, for one. More human-like, really. And such a looker. Whoa, what a pretty one, she is. All curvy and fitted in that tight red elf suit trimmed with fluffy white fur and the hem so short! And those legs! Oh dear, those long, lovely legs..."

"Oh, just get on with it, Prissy!" Merilee Mistletoe prudishly demanded.

"Sush! Merrie! Ah, where was I? Oh yes! She was idly leaning against a snow-covered lamppost. I know not what connivery that cunning, little trickster played upon me that night when her fingers slowly slid into a small red velvet pouch and pulled out the cutest little candy cane. But as her hands wrapped around that thing it grew and grew right out of the pouch. It was absolutely gorgeous but I can't imagine how it ever fit into that little bag."

A rumble of mumbled discourse ensued.

"I can tell you, that sugar stick was bigger than any I've ever seen. Not like the little skinny ones you see hanging around this place. Oh goodness no! It was so big! It was just lovely. So long and thick!

"The way she held it up so proudly and admired it you'd think it was her most precious possession and by the look on her face, it must have been!

"She closed her eyes and touched her tongue to the bottom and licked right up the entire length to the tip.

"Then she wrapped her lips around it ever so slowly and sucked it in deeply before sliding back up. That elf could suck the chrome off a pair of sleigh bells, I tell you. I swear she just stood there with it sliding in and out for the whole world to see like she didn’t have a care.”

“Oh, my!" They all bellowed in unison. "Does that elf have no shame?”

Eager to share, Jack Jingleballs jumped right in, “Blazing Blizzards! That’s nothing! Just last week, when we were all nestled so snug in our beds while visions of sugarplums danced in our heads, Little Miss Floozypants snuck out and I heard her in the parlor clear as day."

"You mean Naughty Elf?" Prissy asked.

"Of course Naughty Elf! Who else would do such a thing?" Jack fired back. "I listened so closely. Then there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter! Well, what I saw, I can tell you, no elf should ever have to see!

"Jiminy Christmas! Her red coat and belt were crumbled on the floor and she lay all alone, bare as a winter birch. Skin as white as virgin fallen snow, eyes of emerald green and chestnut hair tousled about her head. Her hands caressed and teased her beautiful breasts and drew little circles around her tiny hard nipples. Oh gosh, by golly, she has a nice set o' snowballs, that one does."

"Jack Jingleballs! I'll hear no talk of that!" Merilee protested but the other elves quickly hushed her and eagerly closed in to hear more of Jack's tale.

"I was sure to be quiet as a mouse and not to be seen," Jack continued. "And then I saw it. Yes! I saw the red velvet bag!

"She reached right in and next thing I know she's got her hand wrapped around the biggest candy cane I ever laid eyes on. I didn't even know they could be that big! Well, she licked it, just like Missie Priscilla said, but I couldn't believe what I saw next!

"She pulled it out of her mouth and traced it around and around her deliciously succulent gumdrop nipples."

"Why, I never!" Priscilla and Merilee declared, fanning themselves at the thought of such a sight.

"Then she slid it down lower and rubbed the tip along the inside of her thigh."

Prissy and Merrie gasped.

Jack hesitated. "Lady elves, you might want to cover your pointy little ears for this."

But none heeded his warning.

"She next raised her knees, placing that huge sweet pole right between her legs till it just disappeared. Haven't a clue where she put it!"

The two prudish elves fainted.

"Her hands held tightly as her hips started squirming and wiggling. You'd think she was rushing downhill on a runaway toboggan the way she was hanging on and breathing so hard. For the longest time, her hands were busier than a cobbler's hammer. Then her hips bucked wildly, rocking up and down. That's when the moaning started! Oh, the moaning! I could tell she tried to stifle it but there was no muffling that snow minx.

"I don’t mind telling you that it caused me to sport a north pole bigger than I ever have before, standing at attention like a wooden toy soldier, ready for action. It wasn't long before my knobbin was a throbbin, if you know what I mean!"

"JACK!" Mrs. Claus reprimanded, sternly eyeing all laughing elves to regain order. "Mind your manners!"

Jack bowed his head in shame before continuing. "Where was I? Oh, yes! The moaning! Now I'm only telling you the rest for your own good. Just in case you ever hear the sound, you'll know it's not the howling North Wind calling out your name. It scared the Kris Kringle right out of me when I first heard it."

An impatient Prescilla interrupted. "What, Jack? What in heaven's name was it?"

"Like I said, she was moaning and writhing on the floor. The pitiful thing looked like she was in such pain, I nearly woke up Doc Foggybottom, but just then she arched her back and let out such a scream! But not just one. She just kept screaming and a screaming.

"Then she just collapsed."

Every elf gasped in horror.

"For a moment, I thought we'd lost her. Naughty or not, I wished not ill upon that misguided scamp. She just laid there like a dead thing. Yet I knew she was not. She seemed lifeless except for her heavy breathing with her gorgeous breasts rhythmically rising and falling."

Elfin jaws dropped in dismay and bewilderment. The thought of her suffering and sudden demise was too much to bear.

"Now listen closely, because what she did next I have never spoken of before this day."

Not a single elf uttered a sound, awaiting eagerly for Jack to tell more.

"I swear on Father Christmas that I am telling the truth," he said solemnly, then whispered very quietly to all. "Lying ever so still, she let out a huge sigh and began to giggle..more like pixie's laughter, really. Then she brought that cane up to her mouth, kissed the tip of it, then slid it back down between her thighs. She just laid there panting with the most angelic smile I've ever seen."

"Angelic?" Elves dubiously queried one by one. "Our Naughty Elf? Angelic?"

Jack held up his hand to quiet the disbelievers. "I know, I know. I thought the very same. But it's true. She is an angel. She just had this glow about her. At that point, I really didn't know what to do next. I searched for a way to sneak out but then she looked right at me with a wink as her ruby red lips turned into a coy smile. My face blushed redder than Rudolph's nose!

"She knew I was there all the time! She curled her finger to beckon me closer."

Jack hesitated, worried he had told too much.

Stumpie McStuffin raised an eyebrow inquisitively. "Well?"

"Well, what?" Jack retorted, knowing full well what he meant.

The Stump barked impatiently. "Well, what did you do, you knödlepoofen?"

Jack blushed. "What any red-blooded male elf would do, of course! I gathered every ounce of courage I could muster and walked right up to her."

Frozen silence begged him to continue.

"I just stood there staring at her incredible beauty as her hands lithely unbuckled my belt and unzipped my britches. She said it was the most beautiful one she had ever seen."

Elves giggled, but even the lady elves were soon surprised to find themselves tingling "down there" but dared not speak a word of it.

The compliment added swagger to Jack's narration.

Merilee, who intently absorbed every word, was startled by her first heart flutter. She inhaled deeply to calm the hastened breathing and desperately prayed no elf would see the warming flush rising from her breasts that suffused her completely as Jack continued.

"Like smug heated mittens, her hands wrapped around me and stroked my smoldering yule log. Before I knew it, her lips encircled me like a wreath with her tongue rolling and rubbing till I was certain I would pop like a cork from champagne."

Merilee attempted to inconspicuously squeeze her thighs against the sudden warm, silky wetness, becoming aware of a feeling she's never quite experienced before.

"But never in my wildest dreams could I ever envision what she did next," Jack proudly prattled on.

"Everything I saw her do with her candy cane...she did to me."

"Everything?" Priscilla shyly queried.

"Everything," Jack confirmed.

"Certainly you don't mean about the licking?" Merilee challenged, her head woozy from palpitations and shallow breaths.

"Like I said. Everything."

"Even that part about her tongue rolling and rubbing over your, ah....." McStuffin demanded.

"Even that."

Priscilla couldn't resist. "Wait. You said that she placed the cane between her thighs and, dissappeared? And you watched her do that?"

"Indeed, I did," he confidently boasted.

Merilee suppressed a mild squeak as arousal kindled her inquisitive imagination. "What forever do you mean, Jack?" Her fluster obvious to all.

"Well, I don't mean to be impolite, M'am. But since you asked, I never experienced anything like it in my life. Not a stitch of clothes between us, we laid there together, our bodies intertwined like a Christmas garland. She was so soft and warm. Her lips tasted of peppermint. My hands explored her winter wonderland as I savored those luscious gumdrops, ever so sweet.

"The heat of our breath billowed vaporous clouds that condensed on frosted window panes yet we were so incredibly hot. Sweat was dripping from my brow. She reached down and slid me into her ever so gently. I gasped having never felt such a feeling before. Heated silkiness and velvety softness enveloped me as her hands reached around to my elfin bottom and pulled me into her deeper. I was overwhelmed with youthful exuberance and joyfulness of the likes I have not felt in years.

Elfin eyes raised wide open in disbelief without a sound spoken.

"At first, she was so gentle as we moved together in such a blissful union. But then her hips started moving, faster and faster. I feared she would buck me off her but she wrapped those lovely legs around me and squeezed tightly. I hung on for dear life and almost passed out from breathing so hard. Then everything just welled up inside me till I thought I would burst. I couldn't control myself and began to shudder and groan.

"Then she held me tight and said..." he trailed off, struggling to recollect feelings of the distant memory, oblivious to the ardently attentive audience.

Merilee's composure was weakening but she managed to desperately utter two more questions between her labored breath. "Said what? What did she say, JACK?"

He lingered in thought a bit longer, reveling in the moment, before answering.

"'Come for me, Jack,' was all she whispered in my ear."

It was a good thing that the elfin gallery gasped loudly just then so that no one could hear Merilee's moans as her knees quivered and buckled to waves of repressed libido that exploded inside her.

The men elves all cheered Jack with high-fives.

"Eww," lady elves bemoaned, betraying the erotic thrill they each felt inside.

As the night aged toward dawn, elf after elf eagerly shared Naughty Elf stories but Jack sat quietly reminiscing fondly of his interlude with the lovely, frisky elf called Candy Kane.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, equipped only with magical sprinkle dust and a peppermint cane tucked safely in her red velvet pouch, Candy ventured merrily through the night to visit each big boy and girl to find out exactly who is naughty or nice.

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Happy Holiday!



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