Erotic Christmas Story I - Holiday Tease

"Holiday Tease"

by Kylie Knight

The inspiration for "Holiday Tease" comes from our sex fantasy role play, "Oh! Santa Baby."

Sometimes in romance, even the best-laid plans don't work out as intended. This is a story of things gone wrong in a very good way and ends with an incredibly raw sexual interlude that catches both partners by surprise.

It's a story of intense foreplay.

11:55 AM The Day Before

Twas the night before Christmas, with no one at home,
But I in my negligee, lying here all alone.
With warm massage oils atop my bed stand
In hopes that St. Nicholas would lend me a hand.

There was no mistaking the introductory stanza. This was not going to be his grandmother's Christmas poem.

It was one of the sexiest and uniquely erotic anniversary gifts I've ever put together for him. I wrote and revised for hours until I could perfect it no more. It was amazing.

I read it one last time before slipping the folded, printed pages into the envelope simply addressed "Brian."

Tomorrow I would sneak it into his briefcase during his morning shower. Once at his office, it would no doubt be the first matter of business.

What thoughts would race through his mind as he sat at his desk reading it, moments before walking into his 9 AM meeting? Could he survive the flirtatious, alluring visions that would simmer in his head during the remaining working hours? How would he suppress his growing arousal in a busy office? Knowing Brian, he would read it incessantly; my words stoking his libido into frenzied lust, inflaming his uncontrollable craving to come home early.

What fabrication would precede his escape to our amorous adventure? Would he feign a toothache to see a dentist? Needed an oil change?

A family emergency?

Well, it kind of was.

Or would his sexual agitation be so unintentionally obvious that letting him leave was preferable to him unproductively smoldering in testosterone manheat?

That would be most likely. Whatever his excuse, I just wanted him home early tomorrow. Kids are with mom for a few days. I would leave him the envelope in the morning. And I would be seductively waiting.

But right now, he was at work and I was alone with my sweltering passion.

The winter draft crept through snow draped frozen windows but I was not cold. Crackling fireplace embers warmed my skin through flannel pajamas yet paled to the burning desire that consumed me following my four hour write-fest fueled by lingering sexual imagery.

I reveled in the power of my words to incite rapacious sexual desire. Erotic writing is a marvelous aphrodisiac. Weaving romantic fantasy with erogenous verve to inflame amorous lust has the tendency of feeding my own erotic hunger. My ravenous libido was starving.

Closed eyes diffused the room as sensuous thoughts cascaded into seductive synergy. Accompanied only by my imagination, a deep sigh, and wandering hands, I explored, taunted and tantalized, painting strokes against the soft canvas of my breasts. Tender plump nipples awakened to passionate teasing. Moving lower, inquisitive fingers triggered exploding nerves along my stomach as they searched for the invitation from my lubricating wetness to the party deep within. My rear slid forward, granting undulating hips freedom to move in unison to my penetrating... phone alerts with an interrupting text message.

A desperate exhale. Fingers rest, curled snugly inside me. Eyes pried open to glance at the lit screen.

12:45 PM BRIAN: where r u?

He'll have to wait. I'm busy.

Eyelids fluttered shut. Hands resumed their persistent provocation.


12:48 PM BRIAN: Sam ??

Another autoerotic interruptus.

12:51 PM BRIAN: where r u????

Yet another.

I peek again to see what could be so urgent.

12:53 PM BRIAN: where r u? its important!

Shit! Damn it!

Alright! I sit upright.

12:55 PM BRIAN: samantha! where r u????

Fingertips that delighted me moments earlier now frustratingly resume the task of typing.

12:56 PM SAMANTHA: home. working. why?

12:57 PM BRIAN: somethings up.


God damn it, Brian! Please tell me you are not going to do this again.

Please, not again!

My fingers inquisitively pound out a response.

12:59 PM SAMANTHA: something? WTF?

Why ask? I knew. Bad news is never offered quickly. Nor personally.

Hence the text. Minutes passed as he obviously pondered the delivery of shitty news.

1:02 PM BRIAN: I have to be in San Fran tomorrow. Client problems.

Yep. I knew it. At least he could have called me.

Let him sweat. Anger defused my libido.

I sighed at having to let go of such a beautiful moment and having to engage in battle simultaneously.

1:12 PM BRIAN: Samantha?

1:18 PM BRIAN: u there?

1:23 PM BRIAN: come on Sam. answer me.

You can wait a little more, you prick. I needed some time to gather my thoughts.

Two more seconds and it was done. OK. That's it. I was ready with both barrels cocked and I fired with deadly aim.

1:31 PM SAMANTHA: what do you expect me to say Brian?

1:31 PM SAMANTHA: have a nice trip?

1:31 PM SAMANTHA: can't wait to see you when you get back?

1:31 PM SAMANTHA: enjoy warm, sunny Cali while I freeze my fucking ass off alone?

1:31 PM SAMANTHA: bring me back some sourdough?

1:32 PM SAMANTHA: I'll miss you?

1:32 PM SAMANTHA: how long have you known Brian?

1:32 PM SAMANTHA: a week? two?

1:32 PM SAMANTHA: and you're just telling me this now? that's your typical MO.

1:32 PM SAMANTHA: who's the client?

1:32 PM SAMANTHA: how can you say NO to me but not to them?

1:32 PM SAMANTHA: you think you have client problems?

1:33 PM SAMANTHA: just wait till you see the shit storm waiting for you at home.

1:33 PM SAMANTHA: WTF do you want me to say?


1:34 PM SAMANTHA: did you forget or do you just not care?

My fingers flew rapid fire. The barrage was done but not my ammunition.

1:35 PM BRIAN: I know baby. I know. I'm so sorry. :>(

1:35 PM SAMANTHA: fuck your :>( !

1:35 PM SAMANTHA: FUCK you Brian!!!!!

1:36 PM BRIAN: You're right to be mad. I'll be home by 8. I'll make it up to you baby.

1:36 PM SAMANTHA: make it up to me? don't bother.

1:36 PM BRIAN: come on Sam. we'll talk when I get home.

No, we won't.

6:15 AM Arriving Chicago O'Hare International

Yes, we did.

Since the day we met, he never lost his ability to charm the pants off me. They're still lying rumpled on the floor where they dropped last night.

I figured he'd suffered long enough and it was time to thaw the icy exile I imposed upon him. I pick my battles. I conceded to a skirmish in a war I always win. I was determined to have a good time on our anniversary despite his absence.

Snow pelted the windshield as we exited toward O'Hare. I know he could have taken a shuttle but it felt good to spend more time with him and talk about last night. The makeup sex was worth reliving. I can sleep later.

I was no longer mad that he ruined my plan. I simply devised a better one. And it was now in motion.

"Baby, It's Cold Outside," played through the radio, initiating a romantic departure even I could not have penned. We've often pathetically serenaded each other in karaoke style to this seasonal duet. It was our sappy, nerdy holiday tradition.

"I really can't stay," Brian crooned. Hidden behind his gorgeous blue eyes and rascal brat smile was a reminder of why I tolerate this crazy frenetic life. Definitely not for his singing. But his nostalgic attempt to make amends amused me. And when he amuses me, I'm aroused.

"But, Baby it's cold outside," I sang on cue as I merged into the passenger drop off lane.

"I've got to go away." Our fingers interlocked to his final retort. My heart conceded to happiness. He was forgiven.

"But, Baby it's cold outside," echoed my last ear cringing note as I stopped the car curbside. We struggled for an awkward front seat embrace and stole a kiss before an angry security officer waved me to move along.

"One more minute, officer, please!" I begged.

One more kiss to savor Brian's lips.

One more "I love you," I said as I slipped the envelope into his hand before he ran off to catch his flight.

"Don't open it until I tell you. Promise?"


7:10 AM Driving alone on the frozen I-294 going nowhere fast

Driving home, I reflected on yet another lonely December anniversary, overshadowed by Brian's hastily planned year-end business trips, a plethora of Holiday commitments, frantic gift shopping and endless school assemblies. And just like past years, I asked myself: What the hell were we thinking?

A Christmas wedding sounded so romantic back when our only commitments were to ourselves. Madly in love, everything became magical. Christmas lights. Carols in the air. Festive excitement everywhere. What a perfect season for a wedding. Or so we thought.

Anniversaries can't compete with Christmas.

Who knew? How many years have gone by with us promising to make it better "next year?" We never do. I finally decided to change that.

Spending an anniversary at home alone while my husband lies in a hotel bed makes me so incredibly happy said no one ever.

Yet it did. When you have a plan like mine.

So home I drove to set into motion something so deviously delicious that it would guarantee our night separately alone would be filled with erotic euphoria. This would really take some ingenuity.

Brian relies on me for sexual creativity. Like most men, he's a meat and potatoes guy when it comes to sensual thought. But he's a real running back if handed off a sexual play, taking it to completion every time.

It just takes a little coaching to get him into the right frame of mind. And this would do the trick. It was really going to be different. And it was really going to challenge his sexual comfort level. And it was really going to be a lot of fun! And I was really excited.

Imagination inflamed anticipation. I continued driving, tingling with excitement just thinking about us together in bed last night.

My brain reminded my vagina that just hours earlier it was filled with Brian's thick, luscious cock, furiously fucking me into an orgasm in a way that only make-up sex can achieve.

I still had another forty-five minutes of boring driving but my fantasies were anything but boring.

I squeezed my thighs together tightly and  twitched as aching pussy lips bathed in lubrication, slipping and sliding in pleasure.

My heart raced. There was time for an afterparty. 

While one hand attended to steering, my other hand navigated to the warm wetness inside me. Two fingers parted folds and penetrated deeply, as my thumb pressed firmly on my clit. I knew exactly where to press, what to rub, how to stroke, and when to squeeze my pussy tightly around my fingers sliding like Brian's imagined cock pushing deeply into me.

I wonder if my freeway companions have any idea of what my hand is doing as I imagine what Brian and I will be doing tomorrow night. Tongues exploring, bodies intertwined, hands groping, mouths kissing and licking and sucking parts that yield to mind-altering touches, oftentimes soft and tender, sometimes rough and demanding, but always, always seductively satisfying. 

I think I'm weaving. I feel myself coming but have to stop it. I chuckle as I pose the question to myself: Does driving under the influence include masturbation? I'm sure there's not a law against it but road safety is always a concern. I let my looming orgasm subside into a bundle of raw energy left to freneticaly race through my body unreleased.

"Baby, It's Cold Outside," I sang to myself and smiled. By tomorrow night you'll be holding me warm and tight.

But tonight is going to be a completely different experience.

10:47 PM San Francisco Marriott Waterfront

Brian looked forward to only one thing after a very long, tiring day of meetings. He threw his briefcase on the hotel work desk and sat in the chair overlooking San Francisco Bay. But the view was lost on him as his gaze focused only on the envelope he anxiously turned over and over as if deciphering an invisible secret code. He came to expect unusual games from me and he knew it usually involved something amorous.

His phone lit up with a text.

11:00 PM SAMANTHA: merry christmas honey. you can open it now!

His fingers tore the envelope, pulling out the folded pages that revealed the poem that would transform his dull, lonely night into one filled with holiday cheer.

Twas the night before Christmas, with no one at home,
But I in my negligee, lying here all alone.
With warm massage oils atop my bed stand,
In hopes that St. Nicholas would lend me a hand."

11:01 PM BRIAN: what's this?

11:01 PM SAMANTHA: your anniversary surprise. I hope you enjoy it!

Sensuously waiting, I lie in my bed,
While visions of Santa danced in my head.
My hand lithely moved across my warm chest
Wishing that Santa would kiss my sweet breast.

He re-read the words again.

11:04 PM SAMANTHA: I'm in bed alone Brian. sensuously waiting.

11:05 PM SAMANTHA: I'm in my red christmas baby doll with the white fur trim.

11:05 PM SAMANTHA: remember the panties?

11:05 PM BRIAN: umm... I love those! I bet you look gorgeous in them!

He exuded with excitement.

11:06 PM SAMANTHA: Uh huh...well, I'm not wearing them. I'm not wearing any.

I knew that the thought of me, alone in bed without panties flushed him with a hormonal surge.

11:07 PM SAMANTHA: I only have on the baby doll.

11:07 PM SAMANTHA: and I just untied the front for you! 

11:08 PM SAMANTHA: my hands are teasing my breasts. ( . ) ( . ) I wish you were here.

Brian closed his eyes and breathed deeply, losing himself in the thought of his wife lying alone on their bed, her hands sensuously exploring the beautiful, full, soft breasts he loved so much. Everything about her breasts he adored.

He loved the way they settled into his hands as he nakedly stood behind her, reaching around to cup them as he kissed her neck and shoulders.

Nothing started his day off better than her stepping into his morning shower, lathering her breasts with attentive hands, their bodies blissfully slipping and sliding harmoniously.

He relished the taste of her as his lips journeyed across her breasts, trails of kisses leaving her delicious nipples firm and desirous for more.

He opened his eyes, clearly drawn into her seduction.

11:09 PM SAMANTHA: my nipples ache to feel your kiss.

11:09 PM BRIAN: Oh Sam...

He sighed appreciatively to the silence in the room as he read more.

My fingers encircled my hardening nipples.
The urge rising inside me now nearly triples.

Aroused, instinctively his hand targeted carnal ground zero, rubbing through his khakis to the image of her fingers nimbly toying with her hardening nipples.

How he loved lavishing them with kisses before softly sucking them into his mouth, his lips pulling lightly as his tongue twirls around the luscious tips.

Lower and lower, my hands slowly trail,
To the warm silky spot that I finger like Braille.

11:11 PM BRIAN:  my god Sam.

"This is fucking hot...," he thought, then panicked at the realization that he was at a loss for words to type in response.

I breached Brian's comfort zone but I knew he would shine.

Words flew through his mind as his fingers started to type. Ugh. Too dirty. Backspace. Backspace. Backspace. More typing. Too direct. Select All Delete.

"I have to type SOMETHING! Shit!" he cursed.

Too creepy? Douchey? Not hot enough? God dammit, think! Nervously wondering if he was on the right path, he took a chance and hit Send.

11:12 PM BRIAN: I love touching you there, Sam. I wish I could feel you right now

I slide them about as I wiggle and quiver,
And tighten my grip as I squirm and I shiver.
I play all alone to bring myself cheer
But know it’d be better if Santa were here!

11:13 PM SAMANTHA: I wish I could feel you too, Brian

11:15 PM SAMANTHA: my fingers are sliding deep inside me. if only it was you instead

"Holy Shit! I need a drink," he mused to himself, standing to rearrange his now raging hard on. The bourbon emerged from the mini-fridge and found its way to a glass of ice. After a few sips, he took a deep breath and continued.

When all of a sudden I heard the door creak.
I was startled to see who had snuck a quick peek!
There with a handsome warm smile on his face,
Dear Santa had seen what went on in this place!

“Don’t worry my dear, Santa likes what he sees.
Nothing wrong with a girl who yearns to be pleased!
So slide right on over, make room on your bed.
Let Jolly Old Santa please you instead.”

11:22 PM SAMANTHA: Are you there? I'm so fucking hot for you right now

11:22 PM BRIAN: Jesus, u r amazing, Sam!

11:23 PM SAMANTHA: I know ?! Just keep reading my luv

"My Dear," he said with a bright jolly smile,
It’s time you let me pleasure you for a while.
I knew in a moment his plans were erotic.
I fell into his arms, it was almost hypnotic.

His mouth moved up slowly to meet my warm lips.
As his tongue lightly circled, my heart beat a skip.
“Dear Santa, I need you,” I whispered so faint.
His eye simply winked. He had no complaint!

His look was enthralling; he knew all my needs
And was ready to meet them with nice Christmas deeds.
The Mistletoe hung from the ceiling above,
Foretelling the story of this night of love.

Our tongues entwined slowly in a warm Yuletide kiss
(I hope I was marked “Naughty” on his Christmas List!)
His kisses ravaged my neck as he fondled my breasts
I was certain to put Ole’ St. Nick to the test."

11:26 PM SAMANTHA: I'm being very naughty right now!

He pondered again for the right response. "Ease into it, buddy. Don't over respond with your typical male exuberance," he chided himself.

11:29 PM BRIAN: tell me what you're doing to be so naughty

Thank god he finally picked up the ball and ran. That's my man!

11:30 PM SAMANTHA: Mmmm, Brian. just read and imagine. it's that good!

“Oh Santa,” I cooed ever so sultry and sly,
“Slide your hand slowly down my trembling thigh.
Now trace your fingers from there to my knees.
Oh Yes! Santa Baby! You’re really a tease!"

His erection throbbed.

With glee in his eyes, he worked his way South.
He skillfully wandered “down there” with his mouth.
He encircled my mound with his tongue like a wreath
And craftily nibbled and pulled with his teeth!

11:33 PM BRIAN: Damn, baby, you're so fucking hot! I can't stand being away from you.

11:35 PM SAMANTHA: I know ;>) I need u so badly. can I call u? I need my hands free to do other things...

"OMG, this is amazing," he rejoiced enthusiastically, now that the second bourbon stripped away another layer of inhibition.

His style was amazing, I knew I would come.
“Not so fast my dear Santa, I want to have fun!”
So I rose from my bed and I stood there quite nude.
“Now, Santa Baby, no time to be prude!”

His phone rang. "Hello, sweetheart. What line are you on in the poem?"

"Umm. time to be prude...jesus, Samantha, did you write this?"

"Shhh. Just sit back, relax and listen. I'll read from here."

I read from my copy, although by now, I knew the poem by heart.

My hand slipped beneath the belt of his pants
And he shuddered and moaned as I made my advance.
“Oh Santa Baby!” I exclaimed as I squeezed.
"Are those Jingle Bells?” Then he shook to his knees.

"I fucking love this, baby!" He massaged to relieve the pressure of his cramped erection imprisoned behind bars of a brass zipper.

"Oh, Brian. You have no idea how much I'd love to jingle your bells right now."

His hand pressed harder against himself as he rubbed up and down across the khaki barrier between his hand and pleasure.

I continued narrating the poem that morphed into reality before our eyes.

I unbuckled his trousers. They dropped to the ground.
Naked bodies held tightly. There wasn't a sound.
Then, “Oh Santa Baby, that’s quite a big stick”
Course I had to bend over and give it a lick.

Brian's hastened breathing betrayed his actions. As if commanded by the poem, he had unbuckled his pants and slid down his zipper, gripping himself tightly, imagining my hand rubbing up and down his shaft.

"You're stroking yourself, aren't you?" I cooed. "Go ahead, Brian. Rub that big, thick dick, baby. Just imagine me being there with you."

"What would you want me to do to you right now?" I teased.

He wasted no time answering. "Rub my cock while you suck me like a big candy cane."

Nice one Brian. Very nice indeed. This is finally going somewhere!

"You might want to get the bottle of hand cream they stock in the bathroom. You're going to need it. And put your phone on speaker.

We both need to be hands free from here on," I warned then read to him some more.

My mouth worked its magic on his candy cane
Til I thought he would pop like a cork from champagne.
"Dear lady," he said, “it’s time that we share
the love that we have, if only you dare.”

"I'm so hard for you right now Samantha." He stroked himself faster, imagining the soft lips of her sultry mouth wrapped around him, sucking him in deeply.

"That's how I like you, sweetheart. Hot and hard. Your cock is so gorgeous and delicious. I love the way it feels so thick and full in my hands as I stroke up and down, just like you're doing right now.

"I wish I was there covering it with licks and kisses then letting my warm mouth swallow you up, sucking you in completely as I feel you throb against my tongue."

"Fuck..." uttered Brian.

A contemplative moment of silence followed by an exhaustive sigh as he continued stroking.

"Fuck... Me," he elaborated.

"I so wish I could, Brian."

One hand teased my breast, the other slid effortlessly against my very moist mound.

"I want to fuck you so badly, Sam."

His hand rode up his shaft and twisted around the swollen head before sliding back down.

"Can't tonight baby. We'll just have to make do with what we have. I sure wish I could feel you inside me. Guess I'll just have to do it myself. " I teased.

"I'm so wet for you right now. My fingers are playing inside me, just aching to touch that spot you know so well."

Two fingers curled up to rub against it, eliciting my faint murmuring moan. He recognized the familiar sound. Brian exhaled deeply to make room for the gasp of exhilaration I heard at the other end of the phone.

"I'm rubbing there now, Brian. Oh my god, it feels so good. I can't stand you not lying beside me and doing it for me. My fingers are inside as my thumb is rolling around my clit. You know I love how you to do that to me."

His voice grew husky with heavier breathing. My own breathing labored as my attention focused on my single thumb rubbing mercilessly against the sweetly swollen bud. A flush rolled up from my chest to my neck as my head involuntarily pushed back hard against the pillow.

I was surprised how fast it overcame me. My back arched, lifting my hips upwards, pushing harder against the clitoral assault.

I gasped a quick breath, swallowing it deep inside me as I pressed every ounce of my being into the center of my sexual existence. Under my thumb came successive waves sending trembles into my thighs til they quivered.

I imploded into myself with a deep, lingering, suppressed moan that traveled 2,126 miles to reach Brian's ears before I collapsed back onto the bed, my hand gripping tightly between my legs.

Damn! That one caught me off guard.

"Shit! Baby, did you come?" Dire dismay consumed his voice.

"Maybe a little. But it was only a start!" I panted, grinning with delight to assuage his fear that this flirtatious volley was over.

"I have not even begun."

"jesus..." he trailed off with a sigh.

Fingers circled my nipples, teasing and squeezing as my thighs pressed tightly against my hand rubbing between my legs before I continued on.

With that invitation, I laid on the bed.
And gave him his present, my legs fully spread.

He entered me slowly, penetrated me deeply.

I bucked and I moaned, his thrusts filled me completely.

All I could hear was his throaty, heavy breathing in unison with the tempo of his hand rubbing up and down his shaft to my irresistible teasing.

"You know what you should do baby?" I continued relentlessly.

"You know how you love it when I cup my hands around your balls and pull them down as I rub your thick cock?"

A guttural moan implied understanding.

"Go ahead and do that for me, baby. Stroke your hot cock as you tug on your balls."

"I know that feels good for you, doesn't it? Makes your cock so hard. Just how I like it when my mouth slides over the top and my lips grip just past the head. Then I suck hard as I pull back up to the tip, then back down with my tongue rolling around and around the head of your cock as I suck you into me harder. Now how does it feel?

"Jesus Christ, Sam!" he huffed in approval with no reference to his religious convictions.

"I knew you would like that one, Brian. But there's more."

"My fingers are back inside me, honey. I'm rubbing them so hard and deep. Just the way you play with my pussy, baby. Ahhh, I love the way you kiss me there. I love feeling your warm tongue licking up and down then parting my lips and delving inside to taste me. My hips rise up to meet your hungry kisses. But you know what I really love Brian?"

"What, baby?" he pants.

"When you press your tongue flat against my clit and rub it around as your fingers plunge inside me. Oh, god, I love the feeling when you curl your fingers up against my little spot. Your tongue pressing against my clit and your fingers rocking against that spot. Shit, Brian! Why can't you be here doing it to me now?" I breathlessly tease as my hands mimic my desire.

More speechless panting is all I heard at the other end.

"I can tell you're close to coming. Aren't you? I can hear it in your breath. Listen, baby. I need you to tell me when you think you're close to coming, ok?"

He took a deep breath. Then held it in silent tension, finally exhaling deeply with an earthy groan, "ok."

Yes, he was close. But I still had one last stanza to go.

For hours it seemed that we warmed up the night
Making sensuous love till the wee morning’s light.
Smiling together, we held each one tightly.
If you'll be my Santa, we’d do this nightly!

"That's it, baby. Harder," I coaxed.

I slipped a third finger alongside the two already driving deep inside me as my palm pressed firmly against my clit imagining that it was his tongue. My hand rocked faster, relentlessly attacking my spot with strikeforce precision. Inceptive sparks of passion ignited again.

It would be only moments before they raced up my spine to explode into a full body quaking, thrashing against the mattress orgasm that leaves me shaking and panting and quivering into the sheets where I lie comatose, waiting for life to flow back into my body. I was almost there. But not completely. I just needed a little more time.

I begged him, "I want to come for you, baby. I need to come so badly. I'm imagining the feeling of you inside me. Grab your cock tightly and imagine being inside me, Brian. My pussy clamps tightly around your thick, rock hard cock while you thrust deep inside, our every movement in perfect unison, furiously fucking. I want you to fuck me hard. I love the way your hips grind against me, the base of your cock rubbing against my clit. Oh, god, Brian, that feels so fucking incredible. I want to feel your hot cock push deep into me with that last final thrust. I want to hear that muffled groan as your cock pulses, surging sweet streams inside me. I want you to come, baby. I want us to come together."

I could barely discern his words over his erratic breathing.

Hmm, I might have gone too far on that one.
"I have to come baby. I'm gonna come."

Shit. It was too much.

"Not yet baby! Slow down. I don't want you to come just now."

"What?! Sam, what the fuck!" he protested.

"Stop. Now, Brian. You'll thank me later. Trust me."

"Goddammit! What are you doing?" Brian's frustrated, woeful pleading brought a wry smile to my face as I imagined his derailed sexual tension.

All good things come to those who wait, my mother used to say. But I don't think this is what she had in mind.

"You know how much you love it when you're almost to the edge then I suddenly stop to take you in my mouth? I love the scent and taste of me on you as I lick up your cock before sucking you in deeply. Then your body slides down until your mouth is between my legs as I spread to let your tongue slide in to relish the umami you crave so much. But when we resume it is voraciously glorious. It's that kind of slow down, baby. The kind of slowdown that brings us ecstatically soul-wrenching orgasms. Can you do that for me? Can you hold back just a bit?"

His grip loosened. His strokes eased to curb the rising urge. A desperate sigh.

"That's ok baby. Just go slow while I catch up, " I urged.

"My fingers are thrusting deep inside me. How I wish it was you. I've found that spot and I'm rubbing so hard. God, Brian. You feel so good inside me. I can feel your hot thick cock thrusting so hard and deep." My hand serves as a surrogate cock fucking me relentlessly. I clench tightly around it.

"Let's come together, baby. Please come for me."

I hear Brian's rapid breathing resume. Suddenly, his breath breaks silent. Then a raspy sigh. And again. He is so close.

I sucked in short bursts of breath, fighting for precious air to fuel my constricting muscles, contracting into viperous coils, as they vibrate in unison, readying to strike out into orgasmic fury.

We both grasp at breaths that are so rapidly shallow neither of us is capable of intelligible speech. Furiously stroking and rubbing and probing, neither of us feels anything except flesh on flesh friction and the tension rising within and between us. I hear Brian's breath grow frenetic, turned silent again, then a deep throaty groan that let me know he was near.

I was closer.

"FUCK! Oh God Brian!" Three quick deep thrusts of my fingers catapulted my back into a high arch as nerves recoiled, triggering an explosive wave that surged through me, "Fuck. Oh Fuck...Fuck. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh f...........uck!!!"

From that moment he was helpless. "Oh.... god... Samantha!" He pleaded, growling through bursts of abbreviated breaths before erupting into his final gasping groan of climactic release.

Both phones went silent save the uncontrollable panting of two bodies collapsed into sedative joy.

What an incredibly erotic and sensuous experience. So unexpected. So different. And so, so much better than I had imagined it could have been.

"Sam, I -"

"Shhh," I cut him off. "Don't speak baby. Your exhausted breath against the silence is so amazingly hypnotic. You are so absolutely amazing."

Reposed like a yoga savasana, we were consumed in savoring the sounds, the energy, and feeling of the raw sexual experience. Our bodies were apart but our spirits were intimately united.

"Good night, My Santa Baby. Sweet dreams. We'll resume our holiday anniversary when you get home. I love you more than you know."

Then I hung up and smiled.

"Baby, It's Cold Outside," I hummed quietly as I slid under the comforter. It wasn't Visions of Sugar Plums that filled my head. I have a new holiday vision to warm my memory for years.
Read the sequels to "Holiday Tease," from the Erotic Holiday Trilogy. You will never look at a candy cane the same way after reading the erotic Christmas story of the "Naughty Elf." Then finish with "Naughty Tease" where Brian meets the Naughty Elf for a surprise Christmas gift that will make a real believer out of him!

Santa Baby New 200"Holiday Tease" is an erotic story loosely based on our version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" which is included in the sex fantasy role play script, "Oh! Santa Baby."

I wrote "Oh! Santa Baby" using the poem as a teasing introduction to the incredibly sexy role play. The subsequent events of "Holiday Tease" are not part of the role play. But it does show how you can turn a role play twist into a very erotic event! Check it out and see how you can make this fantasy your reality!

We write sex fantasy role play scripts to help couples realize their potential to create playful, erotic and sensual sex. Our scripts encourage you to explore, beyond your comfort zone to try new experiences that will enhance, thrill and amaze! Everything we write into our scripts is to designed to help you Make Sex More Fun!

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