Create passion with sex fantasy role play

Lost that Passion?

unhappy sex couple"What happened to us?" you ask.

Don't worry. We all get to this point.

Remember the days of lust and passion? Uninhibited, spontaneous, explosive sex?

What happened?

Life happened. Life changes things. Jobs, kids, bills, unresolved differences all push that erotic part of your relationship to the back burner of life.

Your endless nights of passion are reduced to infrequent quickies, if you are even that lucky.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You need a sex fantasy

Not the one floating in the back of your head. You know the one. You need a real sex fantasy to come to life. And couples have four choices for fulfilling their fantasies.

An Affair. 

Live them out with someone else. Not the best choice for most couples.

Suppress them. 

Not a good choice either. The benefits of sex are numerous and crucial to a healthy relationship.

Live them out alone. 

I'm all for some quality "me-time," but it does little to contribute to relationship building, especially if that relationship is suffering from lack of sexual intimacy.

Sex fantasy role playing. 

Make your fantasy come to life with your partner. The best solution for creating time to fuel those desires that leads you to a long passionate interlude of erotic sex and better communication.

Sex fantasy role play enables a couple to step out of their daily lives. You put everything aside and become "someone else." You get lost in the preparation, the planning, the script and the characters that seamlessly lead you and your partner into the fulfillment of your fantasy. 

Once there, you are literally lost in the fantasy with hours of sexually stimulating activities that most couples would not be able to create on their own.

Yes, I said "hours." When was the last time that happened? 

Even if you are creative and have the desire to role-play, doing it without a script will simply lead to a few moments of awkward dialog before you just dive into sex. That can be fun but it is hardly the goal of creating days of intrigue, hours of foreplay and phenomenal sex.

The Dilemma of Orgasm Mismatch

Let's face it. A man can go from Zero to Orgasm in about 15 minutes. A woman requires about 20 minutes of foreplay to get her hormones moving along before they are even thinking about having an orgasm. See the problem?

Now you take a couple that has been sexually challenged with life. It's been a while since they've been alone when all of a sudden the moment arrives. Left to their own devices, its going to move fast. That means it will be over soon. Lacking the anticipation, lacking the foreplay and lacking the control, it usually leads to a quick and average event.

Think of it this way guys. Do you want a scrimmage or a Super Bowl? That's what I thought.

Why settle for a punt, pass and kick when you can have all four quarters of erotic intimacy with your partner giving you more sexual favors than you could ever imagine. All the while, you are giving your partner all the foreplay she wants to lead her to her Big O, or possible multiple O's!

Create a Sexual Super Bowl

So how do you create a Sexual Super Bowl? An event filled with so much anticipation, so much excitement and so much thrill that you both are literally craving it for days before it happens?

football sex fantasyLet's start with a play book. That's right. You need rules of engagement. A manual for an incredible erotic event.

Your Sex Fantasy Role Play Guide will walk you through each and every step to guide you effortlessly to set up your role play complete with costumes, props, script and staging. You give your partner the invitation. Followup with a "back story" teaser that sets the stage for the sex fantasy storyline.

Then a series of texts to keep them wrapped up in the fantasy.

Finally, the Role Play. And that's just the beginning. Your script is creatively written to be easy to deliver, sensuously enticing and carefully paced to take you and your partner through each stage of sex.

The script moves from activity to activity, carefully paced to create a high level of sexual arousal for an extended period of time. Each sexual activity works toward building a controlled orgasm. As you reach a point nearing orgasm, the activity changes direction to cool you down before building back up again.

Couples can remain in this heightened state of sexual arousal for hours. Start off with a fun dose of flirtatious dialogue. Move on to a erotic reading to pique your arousal. Slide into some heavy petting (yes, just like you did when you dated!) Open your senses with guided oral sex techniques that are bound to enlighten your senses.

Optional scenes playfully lead you to experiment with teasing bondage, mutual pleasuring, adult toys, sex videos and other levels of sexual interests. Using your script like a sex manual, you will be lead from one exciting sexual activity to the next, bringing you and your partner to the edge of no return, then backing you down into less stimulating activities. Then it ramp it back up again!

By the time you get to the end, you each have will have reached a level of erotic stimulation that you may have never felt before. And the orgasms can be mind boggling. I promise it won't be your regular scrimmage. It will be a true Super Bowl event.

What to know how to start? Check out how to make sex role play scripts work. Then select your top sexual fantasy that you and your partner share. Then get a script. See what our customers are saying about sex role play scripts! Then go have the time of your life!

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