Avoid These Sex Role Play Fatal Mistakes!

Avoid these sex role play fatal mistakes!

Who would have thought that so many people made videos of how badly sex role play could turn out?

Yet they did.

They should have had one our sex fantasy role play scripts and their night would had been so, so different!

Don't make these fatal mistakes! Enjoy the blunders then get a script!

Fatal Mistake #1

Improvising. Not a good idea. Sex fantasy role play without a script just leads to awkward moments. Really awkward. This is where a script really helps out. If you don't know what to say, you often just say the wrong thing! And these guys just keep tripping over the wrong things to say! A script makes your fantasy role play move along in an erotic, sensuous and thrilling way.

Fatal Mistake #2

There's a fine line between sexy and creepy! You need to keep your role play sexy and fun. Not just...well, creepy. We don't have a script for dwarves from Narnia, but if we did, this guy's moves would had been a lot smoother!

Improvising with sex role playing seldom works. See why scripts are so important?

Fatal Mistake #3

Trying too hard. The beauty of sex fantasy role playing is that you can play the same character so many different ways. But you'd better have a script or you'll end up like this couple.

Fatal Mistake #4

Taking it too far! It's easy to take your role play fantasy just a bit too far. Sometimes you cross a boundary your partner isn't willing to cross. Sometimes you spank too hard. Or call your partner a name that just didn't go over well. But watch this worst role play scenario of all times!

Our nurse sex fantasy role play script would have helped this poor guy get a proper exam.

Bottom line? If you want an erotic, thrilling sexual escapade that will rock your world then use a well written, executed and planned script.

Take a look at our complete line of Sex Fantasy Role Play Scripts.

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