Our Make Sex More Fun Mission Statement

We believe in playful, erotic and sensual sex.

We want to encourage you to explore, play and invent.

We want you to reach beyond your comfort zone to try new experiences that will enhance, thrill and amaze!

We do not believe in sex fantasies involving forced sex, rape sex. inappropriate situations, pain, creepy men or harmful bondage.

Everything we write into our scripts is to designed to help you Make Sex More Fun!

couple having fun sex

We have been creating sex fantasy role play scripts since 2002 and keep making new scenarios and updating them to help couples find exciting ways to keep their passion hot and Make Sex More Fun!

Our writers, Julian Navarro, Kylie Knight, Dylan Manning and Gabriella Simone are dedicated to bringing new concepts into our sex fantasy role play scripts to give you better sex, better relationships and more fun! Imagine being able to turn your sex fantasy into reality!

Each role play is complete with scripts, role play guides and supporting material that will make sex thrilling and sensuously erotic beyond your dreams. We have created that incredible script and instructions for you! Our constant research enables us to bring you little known and incredibly amazing sexual enhancing techniques.

We encourage your comments, reviews and suggestions. Please contact us with your feedback or suggestions! Do you have a sex fantasy you would like to bring to life? Just let us know!

money back guaranteeOh, and best of all. We have a money back guarantee on each of our sex fantasy role plays. Obviously, you are reading this because you are interested in ways to Make Sex More Fun, so why not give sex fantasy role play a try? 

You have 15 days to try it and it if did not help you create an incredibly passionate event of prolonged foreplay and erotically charged sex then we will send you your money back...no questions asked. (Refund is offered for a single role play script purchase only. Purchases of multiple scripts on single order are not available for refund.)

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