How to Choose a Sex Role Play

How to choose a sex role play.

So you've decided you'd like to try sex role play. Good for you!

You're one step away from creating an incredible experience of passion, foreplay, and phenomenal sex. But where do you start and how do you pull it off?

The first step is to simply choose a theme for your sex fantasy. What fantasy do you want to create? 

Then you get a script.

The script is how you make it work. Of course, you can come up with a sex role play scenario and not use a script. But this seldom produces the incredible experience you are hoping to create. 

Here's some hilarious videos of sex role plays that didn't work because they didn't have a script.

A well written script will take your role-play scenario and turn it into an erotic, fun, sexually epic event. Without a script, you and your partner will start off with a scenario that loses its fizzle before the first spark!

Let's look at an example of a classic student/teacher scenario. Seldom will a couple sit down beforehand to discuss the role play, how to start it, who says what, or what direction it will take. That takes a lot of work....and creativity.

So what usually happens is that you meet together, hopefully in costume, with the idea of one being the teacher and the other the student and both a little unsure of how to proceed. But instead of it leading up to an incredible event of phenomenally orchestrated foreplay, you fumble through a few words, feel a little awkward and it rapidly dissolves into just plain sex. Probably fun sex nevertheless!

But it's still not what you can create with a sex role play script. Unless you are both very experienced actors or exceptionally talented, an unscripted sex role play scenario won't go far.

So...go for the script. You won't be disappointed!

That leads us do you choose a script?

Think of it like planning a surprise trip for your partner. It's a special occasion and you are going to surprise them with the trip of their life! Do you know your partner well? Have you been listening to them to know that special place that they have always wanted to travel? I hope so. Because if you plan the trip that YOU always wanted to take, they probably won't be overly enthused.

If their idea of a great vacation is shopping, fine dining, and museums and you plan a trip to a Caribbean beach resort because you like to snorkel, you'll probably be swimming with the fishes while they grumble about gritty sand between their toes.

The same holds true for planning a sex role play. Choose a sex fantasy that you know your partner has fantasized about.

Don't dump your fantasy on them! If your partner fantasizes about a flight attendant/businessman having a romantic and playful tryst and you pull off a Fifty Shades of Grey BDSM version of a fantasy like our Student Detention, you'll be looking at the wrong end of the whip!

But take them to a location you know they have always wanted to visit and they will be very, very appreciative. And appreciative partners reciprocate by showing their appreciation!

If you don't know their actual fantasy, you certainly should know them well enough to determine if they like their play soft and seductive or a little rowdy and tougher.

That's where to start. Determine the sex fantasy scenario you think they would like to explore. Then determine who is going to be the lead.

Each role play has a dominant character. The dominant character is the one who is doing the seducing. A student seduces a teacher, a nurse seduces a patient, a yoga instructor seduces their student, a sex therapist seduces the patient, and so on.

If you are the one picking the role play, you should pick one that allows you to be the dominant character. Each role-play notes whether it is Male Dominant or Female Dominant.

Many come in both versions. The Cop in "Locked Down", The Sex Therapist in "Mind Games", The Director in "Audition" or the Casino Owner in "High Rollers" are written with Male Dominant and Female Dominant versions.

Others are specific to one sex -The Nun in "Midnight Confession," The domineering male teacher in "Detention," the Nurse in "House Calls" or Sexy Santa's Helper in "Oh! Santa Baby!"

Take a look at our full library of Male Dominant and Female Dominant role plays.

Pick your fantasy. Get your script. Have the time of your life!


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