Student/Teacher Sex Fantasy Role Play - Editor Notes

The forbidden Student/Teacher Sex Fantasy is an all time favorite of both men and women.  And we have two exciting ways for couples to enjoy this exciting role play.

You can be the sexy coed seducing her teacher in Student Body or the mature teacher seducing the sexy coed in Student Detention.

The author of this fun and sassy fantasy, Kylie Scott gives us a little insight into the making of this exciting sex fantasy role play script and some tips on how to make it an amazing experience.

1279_croppedWhat isn't sexy, thrilling, seductively teasing and sensuously exciting about putting the make on your teacher?  I can't imagine a more fun and sassy scenario to turn into a sex fantasy role play and I was pretty excited about making my little seductive coed come to life.

I centered the script around a female college coed who comes off like the ultimate Valley Girl with a lot of hormones raging.   And our sultry seductress is about to have a little rendezvous with her professor.

What's fun with the script is that it is written so that you can deliver your part anyway you like.  You can Goth it out, grunge it down, or slut it up.  The script works  however you see yourself playing the seductive coed going after her professor.

Your partner plays the professor and he's been asked to review the student's college performance after she was caught making inappropriate sexual comments.  He is in charge of school discipline and has to determine if she should be suspended for her activities.

When you arrive, your partner, the Professor, will have a script which he follows in questioning you about your scholastic intentions.  He doesn't know what's in your script and your responses are designed to keep the foreplay coming and make sure he doesn't too soon!

student/teacher sex fantasy role playI had a lot fun writing this script.  The student is funny and witty.  She's quite clueless.  But definitely very sexual and it comes out in nearly everything she says.

I love to have couples experience reading erotica out loud early in the role plays.  It loosens tensions and does help to get the heat flowing to the all the right places.  But putting erotica reading into a student/teacher setting was a real challenge!  Then I thought about making it a test that goes very awry!

The professor administers the test where he reads a sentence and she completes the paragraph.  Remember those fun tests?  I bet you never had answers like these!  Her responses lead to exceptionally erotic readings that will definitely get your partner's testosterone running.

The real key to making a sex fantasy role play script successful is the pacing.  We want to make it easy enough to read yet intriguing enough to keep the energy going.  If you and your partner pass a few lines then start ripping clothes off, it defeats the real purpose of a sex fantasy.  You want it prolonged.  You want it seductive and exciting.  And the script gives you the pacing and control to make it a mind shattering event.

Student Body delivers foreplay on steroids.  In a big way!

student/teacher sex fantasy role play lap danceBut you, as the dominant actor, has to slow it down when it gets too hot and steamy.  That is the very purpose of a script.  It builds in a breather, gives you an activity to replace the current one that almost took you to the edge, then works you back up to a near orgasmic frenzy.  Then backs you down again.  That's not something a couple can usually do on their own.

We want our sex fantasy role play scripts to expand couples sexual repertoire.  We want to introduce activities and sexual techniques that might be new additions to your bedroom gymnastics.  We carefully write them into the scripts so that you can tease your partner with the prospect of something new in a creative way that makes it difficult for them to say "No."

student/teacher sex fantasy role play vibrator

"Student Body" is the perfect script to delve into advanced oral sex techniques, sharing erotic reading, mutual masturbation, light bondage and discipline, sex toys, anal sex and sex positions.

But not all couples will be comfortable with some activities.  The great thing is that the script is broken down into scenes that allow you to modify or even remove activities or change language that you or your partner could find offensive.  The script is written to maximum erotic heat but you can tone down the words or activities as you like. (In a recent customer survey, 92% of customers found the activities and language to be appropriate!)

It's a tremendous way to experiment and introduce new sexual techniques because the script is effortlessly leading you and your partner down a long and winding road of sexual adventure.  You aren't just waking up and saying "Hey, babe, let's try this tonight!"  It's subtle, fun and challenging but definitely worth the try!

As the script goes on, the student gets a little less clueless and  lot more provocative and demanding.  You have the ability to make her bad to the bone or keep her innocently sweet and seductive, depending on how far you want to go.

Give "Student Body" a try!  I'm sure you'll get an A+!

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