7 Reasons Hotel Sex is Hot!

7 Reasons Why Hotel Sex is Hot!

When you want to make sex more fun and are looking for exciting ideas for your sex role play, start right off with where to have it.

Get a Room!

Let's face it. Hotel sex role play is screaming hot! And for so many reasons.

Do Not DisturbPrivacy! You can do things in a hotel room that you probably wouldn't do at home. Unless of course, you enjoy facing your neighbors the next day after broadcasting your screams of passion. Hotel sex lets you be as uninhibited as you want. Let those moans of heated sex ring out. Grab the sheets, curl your toes and scream to the world how you want it.

There is something phenomenally erotic about being able to "make noise" and know it's being heard down the hall. It's voyeuristic.

girl-engaged-in-oral-sex.jpgSpeaking of.....Feeling Voyeuristic? Knowing that you could be seen is incredibly hot. But choose your hotel wisely! You don't want flesh pressed against the Motel 6 window open to the parking lot. That might get you arrested. But choose a nicer high rise hotel, dim the lights, open the curtain to the skyline view and stand your man against the headboard for a rock his world blow job to an open view that neither of you will ever forget. Doubt that you would do that at home.

Outdoor Sex. And you thought balconies were for the view! A chaise or chair, a few towels and your nakedness open to the breeze and moon lit sky is a thing of wonder and amazement. The chances of actually getting caught are low, but the thrill of being naked and doing the deed when other people are close by can be awesomely exciting. Do make sure to get a higher floor room and keep the lights low or you could get a security knock on your door!

It's Not Home. Home has all the comforts, but little of the thrill. If you really want to heat up the passion, get a room. Unless your bedroom was featured as The Best Love Nest on HGTV, it likely has remnants of your life that doesn't contribute to blazing sex. The pile of dirty clothes quickly stashed under the bed, pictures of kids and grandma on the wall seemingly peering at you, and a side table of bills waiting to be dealt with all messes with your head as you are trying to be your most daring and sexiest.

Hotel sex is hot because everything is new to you. The setting and opportunities to play a little louder and wilder just screams passion.

Perfect Setting. Now we get down to sex fantasy role playing. A hotel room is by far the best choice because it allows you to create a fantasy within an entirely unfamiliar setting. You're starting with a clean slate and you get to make it the most amazing scene ever. Your hotel room can easily be turned into a school room, a doctor's office, a confessional booth, a prison cell, a therapist's office or a yoga studio. It's so easy to make your role play work in the confines of the hotel room. You have chairs, coffee table, a couch and a bed. Everything you need!

The Mystery! Hotel sex makes for incredible mystery and intrigue during role play!

Imagine leaving your partner behind for the day while you go to the hotel room to prepare everything. You are free to set the stage perfectly for your seduction. There's a big thrill in the preparation. You can even shower there and get yourself ready. Then text your partner to pick up the key at the hotel front desk and be seductively waiting for them in the room. If you are not planning on a elaborate costume, then text them to meet you at the bar for a little pick up meeting then take them up to your room. The thrill is in the uncertainly, the chase and the mystery.

The Morning After. Cuddle up. Order room service and lounge the morning away. But we doubt that you will do much lounging. Chances are you will bounce right back into a reprise of the last night's fantasy! So book a room, pick a great sex fantasy role play script and invite your partner to an incredible experience. A hotel room is just the place to get your hormones racing and live your fantasy!

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