5 Top Halloween Sex Role Play Ideas

If I would pick my favorite holiday for getting my sex role play on, Halloween rockets to the top of the list.

For one, it is the least pressure holiday of the year! No expectations of gifts, family commitments, or expensive dinner's out. It's all about YOU and your partner being someone else and loving the mind blowing experience!

Halloween is the perfect holiday where pretending to be someone else is the name of the game! It is not only acceptable to hide behind the persona of a stranger and act with a little over the top behavior - it's absolutely expected!

Remember some of your best Halloween parties? I bet they were damn sexy with a lot of flirting and provocative advances. And they often ended with some of the most unexpected and rawest sex imaginable, all thanks to the hours-long teasing and foreplay going on right in front of the other masked revelers. Am I right?

A costume gives you the confidence to pretend and try new things that you otherwise would shy away from doing.

Hiding behind your pretend character, you and your partner will find that role-playing allows you to shed your inhibitions as you dive into your erotic adventure.

So let's jump right into my top five favorite Halloween sex role-play ideas and scripts:

1. Vampire Sex Role Play - Hello! Vampires are the sexiest of all Halloween characters! Find out why vampires are just so damn sexy! It doesn't matter if you are a fan of Buffy, Twilight or Vampire Diaries. This script is one of the most romantic and thrilling role plays we've ever written.

2. Student/Teacher - Classic, fun and sexy! This incredibly flirtatious role play will guarantee you'll be the teacher's pet and score an A+.


If you like your student role play a little more mature, try the male professor version of Student Detention!

3. Nurse/Patient - You'll get your partner's heart rate rising in no time! “Nothing Cures Like Love” takes on new meaning when you embark on this erotic, sensually thrilling and sexually exhausting sex fantasy role play. 

4. Cop/Robber - Want a little Jail House Rock this Halloween? Get ready for an arrest and strip search that will keep you locked up for hours!

5. Yoga Instructor/Student - Roll out your mat and start chanting, "Om....Om....OMG!" Who knew Down Dog and Happy Baby were meant for....well, this!! No yoga experience required. Just be open to a seduction of sexual abundance!

Looking for something else? check out our complete line of sex role play scripts!

Halloween is the perfect setting to try new things. Amaze yourself...and your partner with a frightfully exciting Halloween surprise!


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