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Therapist/Patient Sex Role Play - "Mind Games"

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Therapist/Patient Sex Role Play
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Psychic Seduction!

Man with psychologistMind Games will lead you and your partner to a discovery of sexual adventures unlike any you have ever encountered. A trip to a therapist never ended so good in this fun filled sex fantasy role play which leads you through a seriously erotic journey of foreplay and arousal. You will experience sexual enlightenment beyond your wildest dreams!

As Sex Psychologist for of The Institute of Erotic Arts, you’ve invited your partner to participate in a sex fantasy therapy session that will lead you through a fun, entertaining and sexually erotic time.

After a brief interview to determine your partner's sexual interests, you show them a series of specially designed Rorschach Cards that will have them thinking about sex constantly. If you believe in "What you think about, you bring about" then you will have the time of your life!

Once you engage your partner in a session of hypnotherapy they will be willing and able to do anything you command them to do! Of course, you can’t practice real hypnosis, but this form of self-relaxation is a true technique that can be sensually relaxing, sexually stimulating and highly erotic in ways you never could imagine.

Mind games explores erotic, sex talk, self-pleasuring, oral sex and sex positions in a thrilling, seductive role play that will open your mind to new and inventive ideas.

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