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Each Role Play has two ordering options:

Personalized Digital Package

Personalize your Role Play Scripts and Role Play Guides by creating your own special character names to be used by you and your partner in your role play.

Choose your character names which are printed throughout the scripts.  Read here about choosing the right character names.

Additionally, the real names of you and your partner are printed into the role play guides for a very special, personalized touch. 

This is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, special dates or a surprise get-a-way.  It’s an amazing  gift for bachelor or bachelorette parties!

Most couples prefer the special touch of the personalized version.  They have fun picking their character names and enjoy reading the role play guides with their names printed into the material.

All material is emailed in PDF format within 1-3 business days of order.

Generic Digital Package

Instantly Download, in PDF format, all material with non-Personalized Scripts and Role Play Guides.

Character names are already typed into the script and cannot be customized.

Names of you and your partner are not printed in the Role Play Guides. 

There are several reasons one would chose the generic version.

1.   Privacy – some customers do not want their personal names printed on the material for privacy reasons.

2.  Price – there is a discount for the generic version.

3.  Surprise factor – If this is not a surprise for your partner and you both are involved in selecting a role play, then the special touch of customizing the role play may not be important.  However, many couples do enjoy choosing their own character names and prefer the Personalized Digital Package.

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