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Nun Sex Role Play – "Midnight Confession"

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Erotically fun and tastefully irreverent Nun and Sinner sex role play script.
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Holy Eroticism!

nun in lingerienun with prayer bookThis sex fantasy role play will take you to the limits of sexual gratification and open your eyes to new and exciting carnal knowledge.

Exceptionally erotic, sinfully sassy, and irresistibly irreverent this sex fantasy will have you and your partner smiling through every lubricious act. 

WARNING: This sex fantasy role play should not be used by or with anyone who would be offended by an irreverent parody of the Catholic Church. Everyone else will have an absolute blast with this highly erotic sex fantasy role play!

You play The Reverend Mother Superior, Cathedral of the Perpetual Bliss.  Your partner plays the wayward sinner who is long overdue for a visit to the confessional booth.

Our writers pulled out all the stops with this wonderfully fun yet boldly daring sex fantasy! 

bigstock-Men-locked-in-metal-chain-on-b-40138051Reverend Mother begins the liturgy with a special erotic reading from the Book of Lasciviousness 16:25, followed by the story as told in Fellatio 2:69. Bible Study was never this exciting!

Then you administer Communion with sacramental wine in a most irreverent way. The Anointing and Baptism of special oils and cleansing gets your partner ready for the really big Apocalypse! 

Mother Reverend cranks up the heat with a special Exorcism to help him find a spiritual rebirth and chase away the sins from his unrepentant body in a way that only a little discipline, bondage and sensory deprivation can achieve.

But not to worry!  The activities are fun and exciting.  Even Mother Reverend doesn't go too far...unless she wants to.  For more about what to expect from your Sex Role Play read here.

What are you waiting for? Make your sex fantasy your reality!

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