"What's in a name?" Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.

Your name defines you. In a role play, you are choosing to become someone other than yourself. So doesn't that character deserves a great name?


Customizing your sex fantasy role play with your own character names is one of the exciting aspects of the personalized role play script. Sure, you can order a generic version and take the names our writers inserted. But it's much more fun to create your own character names and have your real names personalized on the script and role play guides. So give it a go and create some great names for your characters!

Here's some helpful tips about choosing your character names.

Make if Fun

Make your character names playful and fun. Classic names are great for real people. But your characters are bigger than life. They are animated, erotic, playful and exciting. So make their names exciting!

Whether you use a name derived from a combination of famous names, sexual connotations, or just create your own, make sure it is playful and fun. It will become the mask you hide behind during your role play.

When you leave your own persona behind and become your character, with their new name, you become empowered. It allows you to be playful, sensual, erotically bold and sexually vibrant in ways you may have never felt before.

So it definitely is worth a little time to get right!

Make it Easy to Say

A character's name in your role play will be said over and over again by you and your partner. So make sure they are easy to say!

Say the name out out loud. Does it roll off the tongue or do you trip over it? Polysyllable names can be difficult to say. They may make for cool sounding names but saying out loud in a role play it can rapidly can become awkward. Johnny Depp is easy to say. Benedict Cumberbatch, not so much.

How does the first name sound when said alone? How does the last name sound when said with a prefix of Dr. or Mr. or Ms?

Now let's look at some ideas for creating that perfect name!

Dirty Sounding Names

Many sex role play customers have fun using character names with sexual connotations! And who can blame them? When you are planning a sex role play, a little sex in the name makes it even naughtier!

Here's a list of dirty sounding names that never fails to get the creative thought going!

Try some of these to see how they sound when spoken:

Ben Dover
Craven Moorehead
Ima Goodlay
Kimmy Head

When you choose a dirty sounding name, keep in mind that during the role play, the first and last name are not always said together, so the full desired effect can be lost. Ben Dover, becomes Ben, or Mr. Over. Those names in themselves are good, but put together brings you the amusing effect of saying the full name.

If you are presenting your role play to your partner as a gift or surprise, be careful about picking a dirty sounding name. If your partner is conservative and you choose a name like Jenny Taylia or Mike Hunt and they don't find it amusing, you may be on the wrong track.

If you know your partner's taste very well, or you are choosing names together, this can be a fun way to choose a name. But if you are unsure, play it safe and take the next tip.

Famous Names

Tapping into famous celebrity names is a good source for naming your characters. Celebs spent a lot of time coming up with a good, catchy fictional name so why not take some ideas from them?

Here's some ideas for great celeb names that may inspire your new character name: male celebrities , female celebrities , list of rapper, hip hop and R&B names

Perhaps you may not want your partner calling you their favorite celeb name. If you don't find being called Sticky Fingaz or Ryan Goesling erotic, try the Mix and Match approach.

Make a list of a few of your favorite names and mix the first and last names up.

Blake Shelton + Taylor Swift becomes Blake Swift or Taylor Shelton.
Colin Farrell + Mariah Carey becomes Colin Carey or Mariah Farrell.

Try names that are the same for men and women: Ryan, Drew, Devin, Carson or Jules. See more here!

Try names that are the same for first and last names: Cooper, Tyler, Quinn, or Parker. See more here!

Now mix and match! Ryan Quinn, Devin Tyler, Drew Carson, Tyler Ryan, Jules Parker. You get the idea!

The names don't have to mean anything. They are simply catchy sounding names that aren't yours!

Porn Star Names

There's a never ending list of names available to choose. Here are the leading female porn star names and leading male porn star names.

They are fun, sexy and catchy! Try the Mix and Match approach to find your best character name! Or combine a famous name with a porn name: Ryan Steele, Jake Diamond, Porsche Belluci, Missy Ryder

Make Sex More Fun Character Names

Still not sure?

Here's a list of names that have used in our sex role plays.

Lucious Pusey (yes, this is real male hockey player name but oh so perfect for a sex fantasy role play character!)

B.J. Johnson

Jack Hammer

Anita Lay

Johnny Rocket

Kristie Wilder

Johnny Depth

Ima Cummings

Erik Everhard

Monica Sweetheart

Amy Love

Remember, the most important thing is to make this fun!

Name No-No's

Believe it or not, there are some big mistakes you can run across in picking a name.

Don't use plain initials. T. Bone will not work out well in role play unless it sounds good to you to call your partner T. A full first name works best.

Don't use single word names. Eminen, Rhianna, Drake, Hammer, etc. Celebs love them but they don't work in a role play script. The scripts require full first and last names.

Don't use titles as first names. Nurse, Professor, Sergeant, Officer, etc. These are already written into the script. Police officers, professors and nurses all have first names. Give you character a full name!

DO NOT use the name of a real person you fantasize about. We can't emphasize this enough! Believe it or not, this is a common mistake. If you find your partner's best friend attractive and desire that person to be your fantasy, it is pretty certain that it will not play out as well as you wish. Even if your partner is on board at the beginning, by the middle of the role play you may begin to doubt the wisdom of your name choice.

If you think a choosing the right name isn't important, just take a look at some of these mistakes!