Vampire Sex Fantasy Role Play

Vampires are the new sexy! They're charming, mysterious, arousing and powerful yet gently erotic.

"Kiss of the Vampire" is an incredibly passionate, sexy and sensuous story of vampire love told in a way that you'd never expect.

You play a seductive vampire like none you’ve ever seen! Hot, fun and playful with a lot of nibbling, biting and sucking...and those fangs!

This very smart and romantic script starts you off playing the traditional, gothic Dracula-esque vampire, hiding in the dark to surprise your partner. Then you "Buffy" it up with a little fun and humor that gets the party started. Get very seductive with all the sexual tension of “Twilight” as you engage your partner in a beautiful and fun erotic story that gets hotter with every line you read.

Eventually, you morph into a “Vampire Diaries” hottie, capable of mind-bending sexual techniques that will keep your fangs busy. Finally, you reveal a little “True Blood” styled dominance that will bring your partner to their knees, begging for more.

It’s a fun, romantic, and highly erotic story that will keep you and your partner mentally and physically engaged for hours.

Your vampire sex fantasy role play includes eleven fun, thrilling and erotic scenes to play out with your partner that will culminate with some of the most incredibly passionate sex you have ever experienced.

The Haven Blood Bank annual blood drive is just around the corner and The Haven is in dire need of donors!

Your partner arrives at The Haven, which is eerily unlike any blood bank they have ever seen. No patients in sight. No brightly lit medical center. Only a dimly illuminated candlelit room. Then The Vampire, played by you, creepily emerges from a dark corner to begin the blood screening process.

After checking your patient's veins and taking a “blood sample” in ways only a vampire can, you begin reviewing their blood donation history that leads you to divulge a secret that you have kept for centuries.

You tantalize and tease your partner with an incredibly erotic story of two tortured souls and how they came to be. And you intend to reunite them into an eternal immortal life together.

But immortal life comes with a price! Your partner will find that the bite of a vampire can be one of the sexiest things they have ever experienced!

Your role play script walks you effortlessly through each scene and activity with more ease and fun that you can imagine.

Give it a try!

We promise that your partner is just dying to share this erotic experience with you!